Pedal Power Energy Bike

The Pedal Power is a tool you can use in your classroom to teach about energy production, use, and conservation. Students can actually ride a stationary bike to power a generator, which in turn powers an incandescent light bulb, a compact fluorescent light bulb (CFL), a light emitting diode (LED), a hair dryer, a radio, a fan, and more. There is also a photovoltaic (PV) panel the can be used instead of a generator. This activity will teach students how much energy it takes to power these common electrical conveniences we use everyday and how important it is to turn them off when not in use (or not use them at all).

The Pedal Power Package includes a sturdy bike stand, a free-standing board with telescopic legs which shows energy use in amps, a bag containing the light bulbs, a hair dryer, radio, fan, circuit breaker lab, BTU lab, PV panel, carrying case for the board, and a binder full of lessons and activities.

 To reserve this resource for your event/classroom/programming, visit the Pedal Power request form.


KEEP purchased Pedal Power from:

A1 Cable Solutions, Inc.
665 Commercial Ave.
Waterloo, WI 53594
Telephone: 608.444.3072





Pedal Power Locations

Fennimore: Contact Tom Martin at CESA #3 for more information about their Energy Bike (not a Pedal Power) available to schools who subscribe to the CESA #3 Media Center/van service. or 608.822.2154.

La Crosse: contact KEEP staff for the La Crosse area contact information.

Land O' Lakes: Conserve School, 5400 N Black Oak Lake Rd., Land O' Lakes, WI 54540, 715.547.1300 

Madison: Madison Gas & Electric (MGE) has a Pedal Power available to their customers. Please contact Jim Jenson at or call 608.252.7091.

Milwaukee: Keep Greater Milwaukee Beautiful, 1313 W Mt. Vernon Ave., Milwaukee, WI 53233. Contact Betsy Bolte for more information, 414.272.5462​. To reserve, please fill out this reservation form

Stevens Point: Visit the Wisconsin Center of Environmental Education (WCEE) Resource Library at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point to borrow the Pedal Power. Please contact the WCEE in advance to make sure it's available. or 715.346.4150.