​ Energy Scavenger Hunt

Explore your community through an online scavenger hunt!

To bring attention to energy use and to help increase appreciation of our need for energy, complete this online scavenger hunt designed for teachers and their students, families, and community members to discover their own community's energy footprint.

Get Started

You can complete the Scavenger Hunt questions in order, or you may choose to assign one question per week, or ask groups of students to each complete a subset of questions. We encourage you to do research online or in your community before answering the questions. This online survey will take 30-40 minutes to complete.

Share Your Results

Please complete the survey only one time on behalf of your classroom, organization, or self. Once you start the online survey there is no option to save and complete at a later time, nor is there the option to change your responses once you've clicked submit. If preferred, this Scavenger Hunt is available for download as a worksheet (ScavengerHunt-1.docx.docx orScavengerHunt.pdf.pdf). You may use your answers from the worksheet to complete the online survey, or you may scan and email the completed Scavenger Hunt to KEEP@uwsp.edu.

​Thank you for participating in this Scavenger Hunt!​

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