Renewable Energy

Since the beginning of time, renewable resources have provided warmth, movement, light; in short energy for life. From early sailing ships to high production wind farms; from ancient civilizations to future generations, solar, wind, water, and biomass have been primary sources of meeting our everyday needs. With a growing shortage of fossil-fuel based energy and advancements in technology, the integration of renewable energy poses real opportunities and real challenges for today and for our future. This web page is dedicated to assisting K-12 teachers in accessing the professional development, resources, and connections needed to provide students a well-informed understanding of renewable energy. Please peruse often as this dynamic site grows.

What is Renewable Energy?

Renewable Energy is energy from a source that can be maintained in a constant supply over time. Five main renewable energy sources exist: water, sun, wind, biomass, and energy from within the earth. To learn more about renewable energy, visit This content is part of KEEP's Renewable Energy Education online course. To participate in this course for credit, sign up at

Support Renewable Energy

Many Wisconsin utilities offer green pricing programs that allow you to purchase a portion of your electricity from renewable energy sources. This allows utilities to continue to invest in renewable energy. Can you make a commitment to purchase at least one block of green energy every month?

Don't see your utility listed? Visit your utility's website to find out if they offer a green energy pricing program.

Renewable Energy Resources

Consider having a certified site assessor assist you in the process of implementing renewable energy. Visit the Midwest Renewable Energy Association's Certified Site Assessor Directory.

Fact Sheet

Introducing renewable energy into Wisconsin schools (PDF)

Renewable energy resources and opportunities

Wisconsin Focus on Energy
Wisconsin Renewable Energy Project Map
A Research Guide for Students
Wisconsin's Renewable Energy Portfolio Standards
KidWind - hands-on activities and fun workshops
WindWise Education Curriculum
Windustry - technical support and tools for wind analysis
The Utility Wind Integration Group - interconnection and operation of wind plants on electric power systems
The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)
Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE)
Wind Energy Fact Sheets - American Wind Energy Association (AWEA)
Energy Information Administration (EIA)

Educational Kits

Silicon Solar Inc.
Solar Made


Renewable Energy Student Involvement 

Learning experiences for your students are just a click away!   

  1. The Wisconsin Electrathon is an electric vehicle competition for high school and college students. Batteries used in these vehicles can easily be recharged using solar energy. Visit to learn more. 

  2. Coordinated by the Wisconsin Public Service Community Foundation, Inc., the Solar Olympics is a one-day renewable energy event that culminates the school year for participating SolarWise schools. This program gives high school students hands-on experience with renewable energy. Students prepare solar projects in categories that draw on various disciplines, including science, mathematics, English, communications, art and business. The 2014 Solar Olympics will take place at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point in May, 2014. Events include:  

    • Solar Cooker 

    • Solar Water Heater 

    • Solar Car Race 

    • Solar Marketing Campaign 

    • Solar Sculpture 

    • Solar Jeopardy 

    • Solar Olympics T-shirt Design 

    • Solar Photography 

    • Solar Building Design 

    • Solar Essay 

    For more information, visit 

  3. Coordinated by Madison Gas & Electric, Solar in Schools is a program that funds solar photovoltaic array installations on high schools in MG&E electric service area. Monitoring equipment is also installed which allows students and others to track energy output and weather. To learn more and find out which schools currently have arrays installed, visit


Solar Week for Teachers Grant

For five years, KEEP supported teachers to attend either the Solar Tour or the Solar Decade Conference. Teachers attended the event at no cost and then completed an assignment. The assignment was designed to be utilized in their classroom to teach their students about renewable energy.

View some sample assignments:

Lesson Plan (PDF) by Kevin Zimmerman, Shoreland Lutheran High School, Somers

Photo Journal (PDF) by Jeff Anderson, Ronald Reagan High School, Milwaukee

Video (.wmv) by Doug Kugler, Waukesha North High School, Waukesha

Interview with a Solar Energy Professional (PDF) by Jason Huber, South Milwaukee Middle and High Schools, South Milwaukee 

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