KEEP is a program of the Wisconsin Center for Environmental Education (WCEE). The WCEE offers environmental education courses that qualify for Wisconsin continuing education credits including these KEEP energy education courses.​ 

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NRES 631 Selected Topics in Energy Education (Topics Vary)
(formerly NRES 731)

These courses incorporate hands-on activities and class discussions that focus on a specific energy topic, subject, or application. This course number can be repeated on different topics for up to three credits with different course titles. Partial tuition scholarships (65-70%) are usually available and participants pay a $150 co-pay.

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NRES 631 Biomass Energy Education (Online) | Course Web Support

Course participants will gain fundamental knowledge of biomass energy while participating in this online course. This course will cover the sources of biomass energy and provide participants with the opportunity to discuss the benefits and challenges of utilizing these sources compared with conventional fossil fuels.

Next Offering: Spring 2018 (March 21-April 22)

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NRES 631 Exploring Energy Education through STEM (Hybrid)


Build your leadership and teacher networks through STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) energy education. The hands-on STEM activities presented in this course spiral around the topic of energy and have not been modeled in previous KEEP courses. Participants will design thermal heat shields using the “Engineering Design Process”, explore the concepts of conduction, convection, and radiation, design wind turbines and solar hot water collectors, and participate in smaller, classroom demonstrations.

Each participant will receive supplies and resources to take back to their classrooms. The course will help teachers acquire the necessary skills to feel confident in the delivery of energy education through a STEM model. Knowledge gained can be applied towards your PDP, DPI teaching license, and other professional growth that will be evaluated.
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NRES 631 NRES 631 Wind Energy Education (Hybrid)

Learn how to enhance your STEM curriculum with renewable energy concepts and provide students with introductory knowledge and skills that will prepare them for engineering and energy-related STEM careers. You will receive wind activities from the Wisconsin K-12 Energy Education Program (KEEP) and KidWind, in addition to materials which will be used to construct a wind turbine (which is yours to keep). Course content includes STEM concepts geared to both middle and high school students. The face-to-face meetings of class will be very hands-on. There will be some supplemental content in Moodle. 
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