Energy Education Certificate

Energy Education Certificate Available through the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point

If you are looking for ways to enhance your teaching portfolio and to verify your professional development in energy education, you may be interested in the opportunity to earn a certificate in energy education through the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. The Energy Education Certificate is available to practicing K-12 teachers only. The certificate reflects comprehensive professional development and experiences in energy content and teaching competencies. The certificate is awarded after completing at least three Wisconsin K-12 Energy Education Program courses and providing evidence of involvement in at least three energy education activities. Please use the following form to submit your application:


NOTE: The certificate does not certify the recipient for any degree nor is it part of any licensing program or requirements; rather, it supports and documents preparations and improvements in level of success in an area of practice—in this case energy education. Achievement for the certificate can be verified through examination of a transcript showing courses completed and is directly associated with the quality control asserted within the overall academic institution. 

Endorsed by: Wisconsin Association for Environmental Education

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