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Professional development through KEEP helps educators in all grade levels and subject areas integrate energy concepts into the curriculum using various teaching strategies and assessment techniques. Prepare your students to be innovative leaders while they gain 21st century skills to solve energy issues.


The WCEE offers environmental education courses that qualify for Wisconsin continuing education credits including these KEEP energy education courses (click on these links to read course descriptions):

  • NRES 630 - Energy Education in the Classroom
  • NRES 631 - Selected Topics in Energy Education (Topics Vary)
  • NRES 632 - Doable Renewables: Renewable Energy Education in the Classroom
  • NRES 633 - Energy Education: Concepts and Practices - Online Course
  • NRES 634 - School Building Energy Efficiency Education
  • NRES 635 - Renewable Energy Education - Online Course
Note: Prior to 2014, the courses listed above were 700 level courses. If you have taken a KEEP course at the 700 level, you will not be eligible to retake the same course at the 600 level equivalent, unless seven years have passed since you took it.

Course tuition is 65-70% subsidized by Wisconsin utility companies available for practicing Wisconsin educators.

Say Thanks for a scholarship that you've received!

*Please note, KEEP policy is that any scholarship recipient who either drops a course after their tuition has been paid and has passed the refund deadline, fails to complete a course, or receives a failing grade will be ineligible for future scholarships for KEEP courses.

A $150 co-pay applies to all course participants who are eligible for a tuition scholarship.


KEEP can offer a 2-6 hour workshop for your district customized to your needs and professional development goals. Increase energy literacy and inquiry in students as you develop new strategies to engage your students in hands-on activities. Contact KEEP to schedule a workshop in your district today. Substitute reimbursements may be available.

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to find where courses and workshops are being offered.

KEEPtacular Teachers

      424 Wisconsin teachers have completed three or more KEEP graduate-level courses receiving more than 20,000 credit hours of training in energy education!




Updated 3/2016

Pre- and Post-Course Surveys

To assess the impact of KEEP’s energy education courses, each course participant receives a pre-course survey 1-2 weeks prior to a course starting. A post-course survey is then sent six months after the course. The assessment began in 2013 and includes data from three KEEP courses: Energy Education in the Classroom; Renewable Energy Education in the Classroom; and School Building Energy Efficiency Education. The following is a summary of 2013 data:

·       A comparison of all pre-course and all post-course averages shows an increase between pre- and post-course views on the following

  • Energy education should be considered a priority in our K-12 education system.
  • I have adequate experience to teach about energy.
  • Saving energy should be a priority in my community.
  • I can contribute to solving energy problems by making appropriate energy-related choices and actions.

·       More respondents taught about energy after taking the course than before.

·       Since taking a course, all participants have either used or plan to use the KEEP Energy Education Activity Guide (for the Energy Education in the Classroom course), most have either used or plan to use the Energy and Your School Activity Guide (for the School Building Energy Efficiency Education course), and all have either used or plan to use the Doable Renewables Activity Guide (for the Renewable Energy Education in the Classroom course).



Every year, Seventhwave sponsors six teachers through KEEP to attend the annual Better Buildings: Better Business conference held in the Wisconsin Dells. This first-rate learning, networking, and business development opportunity is a wonderful way to learn about energy efficient building practices and get to know the experts in the field.

Below are comments from past participants:

"Thanks for the opportunity to go to such an awesome conference. I learned so much and am very excited to share with both my students and local skilled trade's people."

"I thought it was the most beneficial conference I have ever been to. Most of the conferences that I can attend deal with teaching strategies, etc., but because I teach home construction, this conference taught me hard core building techniques [related to] moisture control, ventilation and framing, all of which I can pass directly on to my students and they can use after graduation in their careers in construction."

"I have taught my students more about high performance houses in the two days since I have been back from the conference than I have in the last two years. Great conference. Thanks to KEEP I had to opportunity to attend."

2018 Conference: February 15-16
Kalahari Resort, Wisconsin Dells

If you would like to be notified of scholarships for next year's conference, please contact Sara Windjue at

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