A Framework for Sustainable Energy Education

The goal of the digital frameworks is to provide educators with a resource to improve understanding of climate change and sustainable transportation, guide lesson development related to these subjects, and to provide assistance with linking these challenging topics to various subject-areas and content standards. The information contained within the frameworks is what experts in these fields feel every student should know by the time they graduate from high school. The climate change framework was based on NOAA’s Essential Principles of Climate Literacy, which is currently the most widely accepted framework on the subject. We then arranged the framework to maximize usefulness in an educational setting, and added or enhanced topics following input from educators and a committee of climate change professionals from across the state. The sustainable transportation framework is the first of its kind, and was developed with input from a team of transportation experts and educators.

The digital resource library is a one-stop-shop for quality informational resources, educational activities, lessons, and curricula. The library was developed in collaboration with the UW Madison Institute for Biology Education and referenced their website: Paradise Lost? Teaching Climate Change in the Great Lakes Region: http://paradiselost2.wordpress.com/. Resources are screened before being posted. This avoids the inherent challenges of attempting to find high-quality resources by simply typing “Climate Change” into a search engine. It is our hope that this resource will save time and avoid confusion by enabling educators to easily and efficiently access high-quality, unbiased information on the desired subject. They can then quickly find the resources that best support their current lesson or unit.

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