CNMT Minor Programs

The CIS minor consists of at least 24 credits:

Requirements: CNMT 110, CIS 120, CIS 210, CIS 220, CNMT 310, CNMT 210 or CIS 150
  1. You should declare your intention to minor in CIS no later than the first semester of your sophomore year.
  2. You must have no more than one grade below C- in all CIS courses. If a course is repeated, only the most recent grade counts. CIS courses taken pass/fail do not count for the CIS minor.
  3. You must have a GPA in all CIS courses of at least 2.25.
  4. You may petition the department for exceptions.

The HTI minor consists of at least 23 credits:

Requirements: HTI 100, 200, 201, 302; CNMT 110, CNMT 210.
Electives: Two HTI courses numbered 345 and above.​