Chancellor's Leadership Award

Friday, December 14,  2018 - 6 p.m. Award Ceremony

Laird Room, Dreyfus University Center

Reception to follow 

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Nomination Form

The list of students eligible for this award are now listed in a drop down menu on the nomination form itself. Thank you to all nominators for taking time to nominate a deserving student!
To complete the Chancellor's Leadership Award nomination form, please click here.
NOTE: If you get an error when submitting the form, or cannot access it, please contact the Chancellor's Leadership Award Coordinator, Greg Diekroeger.

Questionnaire Form

Students who are nominated will be notified via an email that will contain a link to the student questionnaire. Only nominated students may fill out the questionnaire.



The Chancellor's Leadership Award was developed at the urging of Chancellor Dreyfus in 1978. Until then, the only award given to graduates for their university career achievements was the Albertson Award. Since relatively few met the qualifications for an Albertson Award, Chancellor Dreyfus was concerned that the last thing many of our graduates heard from the university after years of contributions was that they had lost. He felt all who had provided significant service to the University Community should receive some honor, and from that annual pool, the Albertson Award should be selected.

Criteria and Standards

With this award each semester, we honor graduating students who throughout their careers at our university have contributed significant leadership, demonstrated campus and/or community service and shown a commitment to personal growth. As of January 2011, Chancellor Patterson has set a limit for each semester’s recipients to ensure that truly the strongest leaders on campus are being awarded. There can be up to 30 recipients for the December semester and up to 50 for the April/May semester.

Selection Process

Nominations are solicited for the Chancellor's Leadership Award in the fall for December graduates and in the early spring for both spring and summer graduates. Each nomination provides a summary of nominator support and the candidate is asked to submit information on their university career experiences. These two documents provide the basis for the evaluation process. A Selection Committee reviews files each semester to evaluate each candidate against the stated criteria and determines who shall be honored with the Chancellor's Leadership Award.

The Award

The Chancellor's Leadership Award is an inch and one-half bronze circular medallion featuring the seal of the University. It is presented with a purple and gold neck ribbon. The awards are presented at the fall and spring leadership award ceremonies. Parents, family members and friends are invited to attend this ceremony. Award winners are also noted in the Commencement program.


The call for nominations is early October for fall graduate nominees and by the end of February for spring/summer graduate nominees. The committee makes their decisions by the end of November (fall) and by mid-April (spring), and notification letters are sent immediately thereafter. The awards are presented at the fall and spring Leadership ceremonies which occur before Commencement.


Event Timeline

October 1, 2018

Call for nominations


October 19, 2018

Nominations due at 5 p.m.


November 2, 2018

All completed questionnaires due before 5 p.m.


November 26, 2018

Chancellor's Leadership Award winners announced.


May 9, 2018

Chancellor's Leadership Award Ceremony - 6 p.m., Laird Room, Dreyfus University Center.