Scantron Test Scoring


Scantron Test Scoring services are currently suspended due to COVID-19.

Test / Quiz / Exam scoring is offered as a quick turnaround, free service for instructors at UWSP. You can expect to receive an email with results within 48 hours of drop-off of your test packet.

Tests must be delivered in person to 403 Albertson Hall. We cannot accept test packets by mail. The office hours are 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, and there is an after-hours drop slot right outside the main office door. Please place exam key, all student answer sheets and the Exam Scoring Request Form in an intercampus envelope.

Preparing Your Test Packet

Where to get scantron sheets

Your department supplies you with student scantron sheets for your exams. CITL does not supply these.

Instructions for your students

  • All scantron sheets must be filled out using a No. 2 lead pencil only.
  • Student ID numbers and names should be bubbled on all exam answer sheets. IDs should be bubbled starting from the left of the ID field. An ID number consists of 8 digits and is located on the UWSP ID card.
  • Please do not make any marks on the short-side, leading edge border of the scantron sheet.

Test scoring checklist

Please check your tests carefully prior to bringing them to CITL. Each test packet must have:

  • An Exam Scoring Request Form
  • An intercampus envelope with your return information: Instructor Name, Department and Building.
  • Your answer key – Bubble the instructor staff ID in the identification field.
  • Student answer sheets all facing the same direction.
  • No blank scantron sheets included with exams to be scored.

After Your Exam Is Scored

You will receive an automated email containing your test results. Note: please look these over as soon as you receive your results. If you have questions contact us at