Helen R Godfrey University Child Learning and Care Center
Fee Information for rates effective May 29, 2017
7:30 AM – 5:30 PM (year-round)

Young children need consistency in their environment and responsive caregiver to support their development and attachment. Our professional teachers are experienced in providing high quality care for children while partnering with parents to provide support while you work, study or teach. Our student workers are always supervised and supported in their learning to develop their professional skills. We look forward to working with you and getting to know you and your child.
Thank you for placing your trust in us.

Registration Fees:
These non-refundable fees secure your child’s enrollment within the center. Fees are per family.

Initial Student                                  $50.00
Initial Non-Student                          $100.00
Continuing Student                         $20.00 per semester & summer if attending any portion 
Continuing Non-Student                 $25.00 per semester & summer if attending any portion 
4k only – no fees charged by HRG-UCLCC
Summer School Age Program - $65.00 registration, $60.00 activity fee (per child)

Children UNDER age 2:

Full Time Program Only (weekly rate)
Student Rate $175.00
Non-Student Rate $230.00

Summer Session ONLY:

Two Full Days Three Full Days Full Week
Student Rate 105.00 130.00 175.00
Non-Student Rate N/A N/A 230.00
*These rates will also be used for any drop-in care that we are able to accommodate

Children 2 and OLDER (School Age drop in days):

Hourly Half Day- AM
Half Day –PM
Full Day
Full Week
Student Rate $10.00* 30.00 30.00 35.00 160.00
Non-Student Rate N/A 45.00 45.00 50.00 205.00

Pre-4K Program:  Flat rate $30.00/week (more information below) *NEW

School Age (Summer Only):

Half Day- AM
Half Day –PM
Full Day
Full Week
Student Rate 25.00 25.00 30.00 125.00
Non-Student Rate 40.00 40.00 45.00 $160.00
*Full time care: When children are in care for over 5 hours daily, the full time rate is applied.

Minimum Care:

HRG-UCLCC allows a minimum enrollment of two (2) half day sessions or two (2) full days sessions per week for non-students.  *Special considerations made on a case by base basis outside of the minimum care requirements.

Family Discount:

Additional children from the same family receive 10% off the lowest rate on the 2nd child and each subsequent one thereafter. 

Student ONLY Pick up Window:

Students have a 15 minute “grace” window after their scheduled pick up time to get to the center. This does not apply after the 5:30 closing time of the center. Be sure to schedule appropriate time for drop off and transitioning into the center with and for your child. If you have questions about how to make the morning transitions go smoothly for both you and your child, our staff has lots of experience and we’re happy to help.

Pre-4K Program:

The Pre-4K program operates Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday afternoons weekly from 1-3pm.  Children must be 4 years old to participate in this program and be potty trained.  Cost is $30.00/week.  The Pre-4K program runs from Labor Day to Memorial Day.  More information on the program can be found under the "Programs" tab and the "Preschool" tab or by contacting the center dircetly 715-346-4370

4K Program:

The 4-K Program operates daily from 8:30-11:40 Monday - Thursday. For 4 year old children who are covered by the contract between center and district and enrolled only during 4k hours, there is no charge.

4K Wrap Around Care:

This is care that either occurs before or after 4k that we will happily work with you to contract. This helps us provide consistency in staffing and enhances the child’s sense of predictability, fewer transitions and provides excellent educational enhancement for those who receive this value added care following 4k. All care before 8:30 and after 11:40 is considered wrap around hours and there are changes for these services. For children needing any wrap around care for times when they are not in the 4-K program, we offer an hourly rate as well as time around the AM/PM/Full day sessions. We are happy to talk with you about these options.

Hourly Rate is available to 4K program, daily rate

We provide an additional hour of care before and/or directly after 4K on a contracted basis. Per hour: $10.00 Rate


Any questions, comments or concerns please call or e-mail Becky Helf, 715.346.4370,bhelf@uwsp.edu