Mission & Values

Our Mission

The Helen R. Godfrey-University Child Learning and Care Center is dedicated to providing a high-quality, developmentally appropriate environment for children and their families.  We are a model educational and training site collaborating with partners throughout the UWSP and community for early childhood development, teacher education, and UWSP students.


Our Vision

Our work transforms the understanding of education to include all children as capable and life-long learners, all teachers and families as full partners in the education system and quality programs for children as integral to the success of the global community.


Our Philosophy

Our underlying philosophy is that children learn through play, and our goal is to provide many kinds of play experiences, supporting each child’s progress at their own pace.  Based on the assumption that all children have strengths, we promote the positive accomplishments each child makes.  The center’s programming emphasizes cognition and general knowledge, language and communication, social emotional, diversity and learning, and health and physical development.  Families are valued for the support they provide their children, for the partnerships they build with our staff, for their eagerness to help and for their willingness to entrust their children into our care.  We believe that the college students who participate in our programs at all levels of their study from beginning observations to student teaching/practicums are unique, integral, and valuable members of our learning-teaching community.


We Value

  • Children, Families, Professional and Student Support Staff.

  • Developmentally age-appropriate early childhood curriculum that sets standards for later learning.

  • Recognizing and accommodating all children’s individual characters, abilities, cultures, languages, and communities.

  • Developmentally-age and individual/group standards that promote social, emotional, verbal, physical, and cognitive development for all children.

  • Supporting families by respecting diversity and family support.

  • A quality work and learning environment for future parents and teachers.

  • Collaboration with UWSP and beyond to provide resources that enable children, families, and all staff growth opportunities.

  • Assessment that enables HRG-UCLCC to be accountable and beneficial to quality enhancement and improvement.

  • Continued professional development that enables all staff to stay current with early childhood trends.

  • A strong commitment to work ethic that adheres to high quality standards and values.