Perhaps the most important part of the UCLCC is that it is one of only two accredited child-care centers in Stevens Point. As a parent, it is vitally important to feel that your child is in a safe and secure environment with knowledgeable and talented professionals around. While there are other child care centers in Stevens Point, there are not any with the level of education, caring and safety which is emphasized at UCLCC.
C.K. – UWSP Faculty Parent
It is hard to put into words how much the campus children’s center has helped me and my family.  To have a children’s center on campus has helped my family and I to afford the costs.  It has helped with convenience, I love having my kids on campus, and the ability to stop by between classes to drop something off or to just say hi, and stay connected with my children throughout the day.  My husband and I cannot be more pleased with the activities and opportunities given to our children every day.  UWSP is one of the greatest areas in Stevens Point, and knowing my children are able to explore it, and utilize the HEC, DUC, student helpers, is an amazing opportunity for a child.  Being a non-traditional student, child care was a big factor.  I can truly concentrate on my classes and studying knowing that they are in such a stimulating, safe, and secure environment 
S.B. – UWSP Student Parent
I have worked at three child care centers, including the UCLCC, and I have to say this is the best one.  When I first started working here I thought I knew everything I needed to know about childcare, but I was wrong.  At UCLCC I have learned how to effectively guide and encourage children to explore their own interests though positive language and modeling.  With its campus location, it gives students an awesome job that is walking distance from class along with a beneficial and educational learning experience.  It also gives parents a convenient and welcoming place for their children to learn, grow, and play.  This center keeps parents updated with weekly newsletters and keeps families involved.  If I had a child I would want my child to go to UCLCC.
R.B – UWSP Student Employee
The convenience in space and time and the psychological impact of having your child nearby while you are doing normal adult things on campus is huge. Both of my children passed through UCLCC and having them on campus while I was at work was comforting and convenient. I could go see them at any time, easily have lunch with them, and respond quickly if needed for something else. Proximity is very valuable.  My children were well prepared when they went to school. They were comforted by my close proximity (as was I), and we all got along very well with the staff making the experience there a real winner.
T.B – UWSP Faculty Parent
We like having the UCLCC on campus.  Not only is it within walking distance from our house, but it is within walking distance for the summer program kids to be able to walk to nearby activities (ie; city pool, library, downtown, movie theater, etc.).  We like the size of the UCLCC.  Other options in the community are much larger.  Our children would not get the individual attention at these larger facilities.  The UCLCC has been great for our children.  Our daughter who has attended another facility does not want to go back; she wants to stay at the UCLCC.
L.L. – Community Parent