​Student Text Rental FAQ

​**PLEASE NOTE—rental textbooks, library materials, clickers and plant taxonomy dissection kits will need to be returned through our Text Rental self check-in return process from May 11 – June 12, 2020 or by shipping via Media Mail. Get all the details here, as well as how to check out your summer 2020 rental textbooks.**

 How much money do I save with Text Rental?

UWSP students save $1,142 each year compared to the national average on text books according to the College Board.

 What is the current Text Rental Rate?

A typical UWSP student pays a per-credit rental fee of $6.32/credit, up to a maximum of $75.84 per 12+ credit semester (Fall 2018) to rent approximately $600+ worth of textbooks. The fee is automatically included on your tuition bill as part of your segregated fees. There are no additional charges unless a student damages a book, fails to return it, or returns it late, within 3 business days of the due date.

 How do I get my textbooks?

Students may get their books by visiting the University Store & Text Rental, located on the lower level of the Dreyfus University Center. Students will need to print their booklist, a listing of courses and the rental and supplemental books needed for each class, prior to picking up their books. This can be obtained here​, or by logging into MyPoint. The booklist is used to help locate rental and supplemental books, which are arranged alphabetically by course. A PointCard is required to rent your books. Students who will not be on campus, for example, students in on-line courses over Winterim or Summer, may pick up their textbooks for those courses during Finals week or they may contact the Text Rental Manager at 715-346-3885 to arrange to have their textbooks mailed to their homes for a $10.95 shipping fee. Students taking courses off campus will still be subject to the rental due date set for that term.

 When can I start picking up my Text Rental books?

Pickup for fall and spring typically starts the week before the first day of classes.

 Is it necessary to have my PointCard to check out and return Text Rental books?

YES! Your PointCard I.D. is required for all Text Rental processing. 

  When do I have to return my rental books?

All rental texts should be returned by the LAST day of finals for the semester in which they were rented. If enrolled in a 4 or 8 week course, return books by the last day of class - the next session needs them. There is a grace period of three business days in which any number of rental texts may be returned to Text Rental by paying a $3 late fee per book. Rental materials not returned will be billed to the student account at the full retail price of the book.

 What if I forget to return my Text Rental books at the end of the semester?

After the due date, there is a grace period of three business days in which you may return all of your rentals by paying a $3.00 late fee per book. If rental books are not returned by the end of the third business day, your student account is billed for the full retail price of the book(s), plus tax and assessed a $3.00 processing fee. (You then own the books.)

 What if I drop a class?

Return the book immediately. Students adding the class may need to use the book. 

 What if I lose my textbook?

Report lost rental books to the Text Rental desk. Each book is uniquely numbered, allowing us to check it back in to the student that rented it if the lost book is found and returned. If the book is not returned by the last day of your finals you will be billed for it, plus tax and assessed a $3.00 processing fee.

 May I purchase a rental book?

Yes, a student may purchase any rental book they are using for a course at a used price (20% less than full retail price).

 May I check out additional books?

After the third week of classes, Text Rental becomes a library, and any student may check out any books in the Text Rental inventory. More titles may be available in back, so check with staff for more information.

 When do surplus book sales begin?

Surplus book sales occur once per semester, typically between the middle and the end of the semester. Be sure to watch for advertisements in the store or ask a book associate for more details.

 Do graduate students pay rental fees?

Graduate students enrolled in slash courses are assessed text rental fees, and are therefore eligible to rent their books for those courses. Courses that are strictly offered to graduate level students are not assessed text rental fees, and students in those courses are not eligible to obtain their books through text rental.

 May I highlight in the textbooks?

Please be considerate of future users. highlighting, underlining, or marking in rental books should be done sparingly.

 Who can I contact with questions about Text Rental?

Text Rental Desk
​​ ​​