​Frequen​tly Asked Questions

 How may I use my PointCard?

You may use it to access services on and off campus such as:

  • Allen Fitness and Strength Center memberships


  • Health Services


  • Library checkout


  • Meal Plan and Dawg Dollars


  • PointCASH


  • Text Rental


  • U Pass- Stevens Point City Bus privileges


  • U. S. Bank checking account and ATM


  • UWSP sports events


  • UWSP Centertainment events


  • UWSP Music and Performing Arts events


 How do I care for my PointCard?

Your card will last longer and stay in better condition if you take care of it. If your PointCard is damaged through misuse or negligence, you will be responsible for paying the replacement fee. Here are some helpful hints:


Do not bend or crease your card. Doing so may interfere with the card's magnetic stripe and result in a non-working card.


Do not expose your card to extreme heat, allow it to go through the washing machine, or expose it to other elements that may damage your card. 


Do not store your ID card directly next to another card that has a magnetic stripe. This may cause one or both of the cards to lose their magnetic encoding (the PointCard Office will re-encode demagnetized PointCards at no charge). 


If you have problems using your PointCard, please call 715-346-2012 or visit the PointCard Office, DUC Rm 340​

 How do I set up a PointCASH Account?

Every registered student, faculty, and staff member has a PointCASH account set up for them. In order to begin using PointCASH all you need to do is deposit funds into your account. When you make a deposit or use your PointCASH account, you agree to the terms and conditions of the program.

 Where do I purchase PointCASH?

PointCASH may be purchased:

  • Online: VISA, Discover or MasterCard.

  • There is a $2.00 convenience fee per transaction when ADDING PointCash to your account with a credit card. 

  • PointCard Office: Cash, check or credit card.

  • Cash to Card Kiosks, DUC & DeBot: Cash ($5, $10, and $20 bills)

 What happens to my PointCash balance at the end of the year?

PointCash will stay on your account for as long as you are a registered student at UWSP.

 Why should I report a lost/stolen PointCard?

If your card is lost or stolen, you should report it immediately by going to http://www.uwsp.edu/pointcard .

  • Choose the yellow "Account Management" button in the right side bar.
  • Then click the purple "Personalize" tab on the left.
  • On the drop down menu, select "Lost/stolen Card".
  • Login and follow the on-screen instructions.

By reporting your lost/stolen card within two days, you will limit your PointCASH losses to $50. If you have activated the U.S. Bank ATM privilege, you should also contact the bank immediately at 715-343-2210 during regular business hours or 1-800-USBANKS after hours to deactivate your card.

 How much PointCASH do I Have?

You can check your PointCASH balance several ways:



  • Online at the PointCard website.
  • Watch the cash register display for your balance when you make a purchase.
  • Ask a cashier at any location that accepts PointCASH for your balance.
  • Stop at the Cash to Card Kiosk in the DUC or in DeBot and swipe your card to display the balance
  • Request a statement of your account activity at the PointCard Office.







Please contact the PointCard Office if you have any questions regarding your PointCASH account.

 How do I replace a damaged/lost/stolen card?

The replacement fee for a lost or stolen card is $20. Take your driver's license, passport, state ID card or military ID to the PointCard Office to have your picture taken (if you would like a new photo) and a new card processed.

 Where Can I Use PointCASH?

Many locations accept PointCASH. To see an up-to-date list of the locations: PointCash Locations.

 Can I request a refund of my PointCash?

In order to get a PointCash refund: 


  • You must have a minimum balance of $20


  • There is a $10 processing fee


  • It will return to you in the manner in which it was received (check, credit card, student bill)


  • Visit the PointCard Office and complete a refund request form -or- send us an email request using your UWSP email (so we can verify it is you making the request)


 How do I access my privileges?

Each student is provided with a PointCard (student ID card). This card provides access to purchased privileges such as meal plans, Dawg Dollars, and PointCASH. You must present your card to the cashier to access your accounts.

 Why dine on campus?

The life of a student can be a little hectic, so the last thing you want to worry about is cooking. In order to assist resident students in their time management, as well as provide them with a complete array of dining choices, all residents of University Residence Halls (except Hyer Hall and Suites@201) are required to participate in the Residential Dining program. Our residence halls do not provide adequate cooking facilities for individual and regular food preparation, so Dining and Summer Conferences (DSC) caters to your desires for convenience and flexibility, providing a variety of food choices and meal plans. Our programs are designed to meet the varied dining needs of our students. The DSC Staff work closely with UWSP students and staff to provide a variety of nutritious menu options, personalized service and pleasant dining experiences. See the DSC website for more information about dining services at UWSP.

 How do I select a meal plan?





  • ​Your class schedule 


  • Whether you will be on campus most weekends 


  • The number of meals you normally eat each week 


  • Upper DeBot offers great variety with an all-you-care-to-eat concept. Lower Debot is a convenience store with groceries and made to order food stations. DUC Food Court offers many made to order options.



 How do I purchase a meal plan?

If you live in a residence hall (other than Hyer Residence Hall or Suites@201) you will sign up for a meal plan when you complete your housing contract. Hyer Residence Hall, Suites@201, and off-campus students may purchase a meal plan through the PointCard Office at anytime with cash, check, PointCash, or by billing their student account.

 What are meal counts?

Meal Counts – are the total number of meals available for your use per semester.

 What are Dawg Dollars?

Dawg Dollars accompany all dining plans and provide the freedom to purchase any item at Dining locations. Dawg Dollars are worth one dollar each and purchases are tax exempt. Up to 200 Dawg Dollars roll over from the fall to the spring semester. All Dawg Dollars must be used by the end of the spring semester and do not carry over.

 May I use my meal plan for guests?

 As a resident diner, you may use your meals to treat accompanying guests at all of the University Dining Centers. All guest meals will be deducted from your current balance.

 Where can I use my meal?

Your meals can be used at Upper DeBot. Meal swipe trades ($5.00 value) and Dawg Dollars can be used at Lower DeBot, the DUC Food Court, Homegrown Café, Food For Thought Cafe, and Common Grounds Cafe.

 How will the cashier know what plan I'm on?

Please tell the cashier how you intend to pay: a meal swipe, Dawg Dollars, PointCASH, credit/debit card, or cash. Also, tell the cashier if you have any guests. The cashier can also do an inquiry on your card to let you know current balances.

 What if my schedule conflicts with the dining schedule occasionally?

If your schedule occasionally makes it difficult to eat at the dining centers, you may want to schedule a sack lunch. Sack lunches should be scheduled at least 72 hours in advance at Bag Lunch Request

 How do I cancel my meal plan?

Residence Hall students that leave the university during the semester will have their meal plan cancelled by Residential Living. For specifics see the Residential Living Handbook. Off-campus students and residents of Hyer and Suites need to visit the PointCard office to sign a refund request form.



 How do I change my meal plan?

Look for notices at DeBot, in the Residence Halls, and on Student Message of the Day for specific details on how you can change your meal plan.



  • Changes to your Meal Plan may be made as follows:


  • An email from your UWSP account requesting the change or a signed change request form (obtained at the PointCard Office)


  • Requests will be honored if submitted prior to 3 p.m. on Tues of Welcome Week (Fall semester), or prior to 3 p.m. the Friday before classes begin (Spring semester)​


  • No changes will be accepted during the first week of classes.


  • Change requests can be filled out in the PointCard Office during the 2nd and 3rd week of the semester.


A charge or credit will be reflected on your student bill, depending upon the requested change and amount of previous usage. 

 What if I have Special Diet Restrictions?

DSC can help you with your meal plan selection and any special diet requests. Please contact our Registered Dietitian to discuss your needs. Meal plan exemptions will only be considered with medical documentation and after meeting with the Registered Dietitian.

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