Faculty and Staff Resources

All University of Wisconsin–Stevens Point students, faculty and staff are required to have a PointCard.

​All new employees need to visit the PointCard Office to get their picture taken for their PointCard. Please bring a valid (non-expired), government issued picture ID such as: a driver’s license, state ID, passport or military ID. Branch campus employees will be able to use the photo upload feature in GET and avoid a trip to main campus.

The replacement fee for missing, stolen, lost, or negligently damaged cards is $20*. Visit the PointCard Office to get your replacement.

*If a card is not working because of normal wear and tear, the card is outdated or a legal name change is registered with HR, a new card can be obtained free of charge provided the original is returned to the PointCard Office at the time of replacement.

  • Official University ID
  • Library Resources
  • Fitness/Rec Memberships

Some departments may also require you to have an Employee Badge. If this is the case, your supervisor will request this badge, and it will be mailed to your supervisor for distribution. The initial badge is paid for by your department. Replacement badges cost the employee $7 and can be obtained by visiting the PointCard Office.