​UWSP Intramurals and Outdoor Rentals



To participate in Intramural play, individuals must possess a valid UWSP or Midstate Technical College student/staff identification card. Before each game, each participant must check in with the activity supervisor and present his/her student identification card. No other form of identification will be allowed.


Rules for all sports are available on this website and our imleagues.com management page. It is the responsibility of each participant to be fully cognisant of the rules of the sport he/she is playing and respect others during competition.

For a complete list of rules, click here.

Captain's Meeting

Typically, the captain's meeting will be held on the Thursday evening the week before play starts. It is the captain's responsibility to attend the meeting (or assign another player on the team to attend) and bring the following items:

  • Have a complete team roster on IM Leagues ( making sure all team members have completed their IM Leagues profiles and has been added to their team roster.

  • Activity fee (in cash; check made out to UWSP Intramurals and Outdoor Rentals; a credit card; or PointCash)

At the captain's meeting, the general rules and expectations for participants in Intramurals and Outdoor rentals will be discussed. Each captain will then wait until his/her team name is called out (in order that each team signed up online).At this time the captain or team representative will need to verify their team roster is complete online and turn in their payment. The captain is free to leave after their sport meeting is finished. After the captain's meeting is finished the activity supervisor will create the schedules for play and send them via e-mail to the captains. Please remember that not all teams will be able to be accommodated at the captain's meeting. There is limited space in the Intramural program, and the teams that signed up first online will have priority and first choice of times. No offensive or discriminatory team names will be allowed. 


A forfeit and a $20 charge for individual sports and a $50 charge for team sports (billed directly to the captain's account) are applied to a team that breaks any of the following rules:
  • Fails to contact the opposing team if they are unable to play in any scheduled game
  • Competes with ineligible player(s):
    • A student who is not registered as a valid UWSP or Midstate Technical College member
    • Any active varsity athlete (with eligibility remaining)  competing in the same sport as they do for UWSP
    • A student/faculty member playing for more than one team in the same sport
    • A team with more than 2 current club or varsity sport players in their respective sports
    • A player who has competed semi-professionally or  professionally in the same sport in the past three years
    • A team competing in tournament play with an individual who has not participated in at least 2 games in regular play
  • A team who does not have the correct amount/combination of players five minutes after their scheduled game time
For any team that forfeits a game, the result will be classed as a loss. Teams that do forfeit are still eligible for tournament play. Please respect other teams and contact them if you are unable to play for any reason.
Please read the Eligibility section for further details.


No more than two registered club and/or varsity members within the respective sport are allowed to play on any one intramural team.

Part A - Varsity Athlete

Current Varsity athletes are not allowed to play in their respective sport if offered by UWSP Intramurals and Outdoor Rentals. Varsity athletes are allowed to participate in all other intramural sports with no restrictions due to their varsity status as long as NCAA rules do not prohibit them from playing.

You are considered a varsity athlete if:

  1. You have completed your four years of eligibility.
  2. You are on the roster for the given year of any UWSP varsity sport.
  3. If an individual that removes themselves from a varsity team before his/her four (4) years of eligibility have been completed, he/she must wait until the next block of play before they can play Intramurals and Outdoor Rentals in their respective sport. 
  4. An individual is considered a varsity player until the following academic year.
  5. Anytime an individual is practicing with the team, they will be considered a varsity player.
  6. If a varsity athlete who has used all of their eligibility (4 years) comes back after the full academic year (following Fall), then they are no longer considered a varsity athlete.

Part B - Club Sports Athlete

You are considered a club athlete if:

  1. Any player that is listed on the club team roster at the beginning of the block is deemed a club player. Club player status will remain with that individual a total of one academic year after completion of their last athletic event.
  2. Anytime an individual is practicing with the team or has participated in even one game, they are considered a club player.

Part C - Rule Violations

  • Any player who is found ineligible in the above clauses will cause his/her team to forfeit each Intramural game in which he/she participates in.
  • Any player who is found ineligible in the above clauses will be banned from intramural play for the remainder of the block. If a player knowingly permits such misrepresentations his/her team will face expulsion from Intramural play for the remainder of the block.
  • Depending on circumstances, violations to any rule will be determined by each situation

The Intramural department has written these rules and reserves the right to interpret the rules on a case by case basis. Rules are created with fair play in mind. Therefore, the instramural department reserves the right to alter rules for circumstances that may arise.


The Intramural staff advocate fair play, respect, and sportsmanship at all times. Aligning directly with the Intramural mission statement, the staff endeavour to provide an environment that is safe and enjoyable for all who interact. It is therefore appreciated if the following guidelines are followed:
  • Respect the ability levels of each and every participant
  • Refrain from the use of bad language and derogatory remarks when in the Intramural environment
  • Respect the student officials at all times
  • Play hard, but fair
  • Be on time for games

Classification of Divisions

Division One is classed as a competitive league. At this level, there are five weeks of league play and one week of tournament play. Only teams ranked high enough at the end of week five will compete in the tournament.

Division Two is a recreation/fun league. There will be six weeks of regular play and no tournament week.

***In these sports, participants are only allowed to play in one of the two divisions. For example, an individual will not be allowed to play in both D1 and D2 basketball, even if they are on different nights. Please play in the league that best fits your ability.