Programs and Services


  • Free resources
  • Free personal wellness coaching
  • Free diet analysis
  • Free fitness assessments
  • 25 cent stress relief massages

Program Menu

The Health Advocates present high-quality workshops in health-related areas for you, your residence hall, club, or organization. We will work with you to organize a workshop that meets your needs and interests.


Eat Well, Feel Well

Join us to learn strategies for eating well to feel well. This program focuses on, tips for eat well everyday, eating well so our earth feels well (sustainable nutrition) and utilizing Net Nutrition to eat well while dining on campus.

Just As I Am: Body image and eating disorders

​This educational program explores issues that affect many students. Self-esteem, poor body image, and eating disorders are a few of the topics investigated through discussion and evaluation of current issues.

Exercise and Fitness_______________



​Make it a POINT to workout​



No time? No money? No problem. This program will help you to find ways of increasing your activity level with fun and free activities



Alcohol Use and Staying Safe____________

​Partying at Point: What every student should know about drinking at UWSP

​​Ever wonder if drinking alcohol on an empty stomach really speeds up intoxication, have you speculated why women get drunk faster than men? This interactive program will discuss some of these issues as well as ways to reduce alcohol related risks.

​May I Kiss You?: Seeking Consent in Relationships


​​​The college environment is naturally exciting and new! With this newness comes added responsibility in negotiating relationships. Both parties have a responsibility to communicate their wishes effectively. This workshop will provide participants with information and strategies to enhance their ability to seek consent.

Stress Management_____________



​Laugh and Play Your Stress Away



An all-time favorite! Take a moment to Laugh and Play Your Stress Away! This program offers on the spot fun time activities, meditation, and basic massage into an interactive, hands-on program that will aid in stress reduction and management.


​Marijuana Use________________

Marijuana 101 Bingo:

​An interactive program designed to help students learn about marijuana use at UWSP, causes and effects of marijuana use, and rules and regulations surrounding marijuana.


If you are associated with a peer education group and would like a copy of our programs, please contact Elizabeth Beck, the Programs and Promotions Specialist, at (715) 346-4271 or