Group Fitness Classes

Boot Camp (60 minutes, 25 participants)
A full body, interval training workout — bursts of intense activity, alternating with light activity. Get ready to sweat!
HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) (45 minutes, 24 participants)

This fun and fast paced class will get you moving with bursts of cardiovascular activities and resistance exercises followed by short/active recovery periods.


Cycling (45/60 minutes, 25 participants)
An excellent lower-body and cardiovascular workout using a self-selected amount of resistance. This workout will take you through various movements; hill climbs, flat roads, and sprints that mimic an outdoor ride.
Speed Cycle (30 minutes, 25 participants)

Using HIIT principles, this class is targeted at building endurance and increasing metabolic heart rates. A perfect class for those who want a high calorie burn in a short time period!


Butts 'n' Guts (60 minutes, 25 participants)
Intense core workout. Focuses on working the abs, glutes, legs and lower back using weights or your own body-weight.
Core Power (30 minutes, 30 participants)

This class focuses on strengthening your abdominal and oblique muscles, as well as your entire core.


Zumba® (60 minutes, 40 participants)
The Latin dance/hip-hop fusion class that is outrageously popular! Our nationally-certified Zumba® instructors take you through a series of short choreographed movements set to the latest Latin beats.
Yoga (45/60 minutes, 25 participants)
Vinyasa-style yoga uses the breath to create powerful movement. This class is designed to increase your heart rate while enhancing your flexibility and balance.
Morning Mindfulness (45/60 minutes, 30 participants)
This yoga class focuses on slow movements and pays special attention to areas of our bodies that we use the most such as the wrists, hands, feet, knees and neck. This is a slower paced class with long held passive poses doing wonders for joint health, flexibility, circulation, and mental focus. All are welcome!
Vinyasa-Yoga (45/60 minutes, 30 participants)
Vinyasa is a style of yoga that involves a flowing sequence of movement led by the breath. This class aims to restore the body by working to increase flexibility, balance, strength, and positive energy. This class welcomes everyone from beginners to advanced yogis!
Power Yoga (45/60 minutes, 30 participants)
This is a Vinyasa style of yoga that adds a little more intensity than a regular yoga class. Power yoga focuses on building muscular strength and endurance using a meditative approach.