Membership Policies

Special COVID Rules

  • UWSP-issued ID required for entrance
  • One visit per member per day
  • 60-minute time limit per visit—no exceptions
  • 20 people allowed in the facility at one time
  • Face covering required in the facility at all times, even during your workout
  • Social distancing must be maintained
  • Members must complete check-in procedures at each visit
  • Directional signage must be observed
  • All visitors must clean their respective equipment every use
  • Members must check out with desk staff upon leaving

Policies Pertaining to the Allen Center Fitness Facilities and Programs

  • Access to Allen Center Programs—Membership is required for the Allen Fitness Center and contracted Yoga programs. The Allen Fitness Center membership categories include UWSP, ESL, MSTC students, UWSP Faculty/Staff, UWSP Faculty/Staff Retirees, UWSP Graduates, and Guests (spouses/ partners/adult children of members). Yoga membership categories include UWSP, ESL, MSTC students, UWSP Faculty/Staff, and Community. Non-members may purchase a one-time use pass with a photo ID. Access to Group Fitness is limited to current UWSP/ESL/MSTC students and UWSP Faculty/Staff. Group Fitness is open to UWSP, ESL, and MSTC students at no additional charge. UWSP Faculty/Staff may purchase a membership for Group Fitness.
  • Identification Requirements for Participation—To participate as a member, the valid UWSP-issued ID card must be presented before each workout. A self-reported ID# will not be accepted as a form of identification. A photo ID is required for purchase of a one-time use pass. No ID? No Workout! No exceptions!
  • Payment Methods—Cash and checks are accepted for Allen Center programs. Students must use student billing for the Allen Fitness Center membership. Current UWSP Faculty/Staff must use payroll deduction for the Allen Fitness Center or Group Fitness membership. Payroll deduction is not accepted for any other service in the Allen Center.
  • Refunds—All membership purchases are final--no refunds or membership transfers will be granted.
  • Facility Reservations—Studio A is not a reservable space. Studio B (Allen Upper Level) and the Conference Room are reservable spaces. Allen Center programs take priority in Studio B and the Conference Room. All reservations must be made through the UWSP Events Management System (
  • Lockers are available in the Allen Center for long-term and for daily use. Lockers in the Allen lower level hallway are available for rent through the Allen Fitness Center. Renters must furnish their own lock. Lockers in the men's and women's locker rooms are for daily use only. Locks are not permitted on lockers in the locker rooms overnight.
  • Unanticipated Closures/Service Disruptions - When inclement weather or emergency conditions exist, the Allen Fitness Center will follow procedures outlined by the UWSP campus. If the main UWSP campus cancels classes, the Allen Fitness Center will close until classes resume as normal. 
  • Power outages may also likely occur. If this happens, the Allen Fitness Center will close. Members will be notified via email and notifications will be posted on our social media pages.

Policies pertaining to individual conduct:

  • All equipment must be used appropriately, in the manner for which use was intended, and in accordance with Allen Center expectations.
  • Alcohol and tobacco are prohibited in the Allen Center.
  • Cell phone use is prohibited in the Allen Fitness Center, during Group Fitness classes, and in the locker rooms.
  • Designated Free Workouts Periods are only available to current UWSP students, faculty, and staff. In order to participate in a free workout, a participant must present a current UWSP student or Faculty/Staff ID each and every time. A graduate, retiree, or guest without a membership is not eligible to work out for free
  • Dress Code—Clothing designed for sport or activity is required. An athletic shirt (must cover chest, sides, stomach, & entire back), gym shorts or sweat pants, and athletic footwear (no open-toe shoes) are expected for any Allen Center fitness program.
  • Glass is not permitted in the Allen Fitness Center or studios. In addition, beverage containers must be closable.
  • Minors are not allowed in the Allen Center.
  • Sign-up policies are as follows: UWSP students and UWSP Faculty/Staff sign-up for a membership online through Payment is by student billing or payroll deduction, respectively. MSTC and ESL students, retirees, graduates, and guests sign up in person at the Allen Fitness Center desk and pay with cash, check, or PointCASH. The university waiver will be required for use of fitness facility.

Expectations for users:

  • Users are expected to wipe off machines/equipment after each use with the cleaner /paper towels provided.
  • Patrons are asked to step away from weight machines during rest/recovery periods to allow access for others.
  • To minimize machine damage and aid in cleanliness, patrons are asked to wear clean and dry workout shoes. Space is provided to change into workout shoes; storage cubbies are available to store street shoes.
  • Complementary towel service is provided by the Cardio Center and Group Fitness. Sweat towels are self-service and members are asked to limit themselves to one towel per visit. Additionally, shower towels are available by request at the desk with a limit of one towel per visit.
  • The Allen Center is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Personal gear must be left in lockers, cubbies or on coat racks including coats, sweatshirts, backpacks, and other personal items.