​​University Centers Campus Reservations



 Academic Classes

All academic class sessions must take place in an academic, GPR-funded building, not in the University Centers. One exception per semester will be made for a class to have a guest speaker, or class party, etc.


All events in the University Centers involving alcohol must comply with the UW-Stevens Point Alcohol Policy.
Alcohol cannot be served, consumed or carried in areas open to the public such as walkways or lounges.
state and university guidelines​​



 Concourse Reservations

The Dreyfus University Center Concourse booths and banner space are reserved through the Campus Reservations Office. Booth usage is designated for staffed solicitation.


  1. Concourse reservation booth or banner space must be reserved by a recognized student organization or a University department. A member of the organization or department must be present at all times that solicitation takes place.
  2. If sales will take place in the booth, a sales registration permit must be completed. A food waiver must be obtained from University Dining Services if the sale will consist of food or beverages.
  3. Requesters have until 11:00 am two working days prior to first day of reservation date to obtain approval of permits needed. In the event that this deadline is not met, the reservation will automatically be cancelled.
  4. Concourse reservations will be limited to the existing units.
  5. An organization is limited to one booth per reservation date.
  6. An organization may have a reservation for a maximum of five days at a time only, excluding Saturday and Sunday. A new reservation may not be made until the last day of a current reservation.
  7. When a group is one hour late for their daily reservations and has not called the Campus Reservations Office to ask for an extension of their starting time, their booth may be reassigned to another group looking for space.
  8. The University Center is not responsible for posters, banners, or printed materials left in the concourse area.
  9. Individuals staffing a concourse booth must remain behind the designated booth (as outlined by the purple carpet in the DUC) and are not allowed to approach individuals walking through the concourse. This policy will be posted in the concourse spaces and sent to individuals reserving these spaces.

 Deposit Policy

A deposit of 50% of Facility Use Fees is required for each room reserved. All space reserved will not be guaranteed until the deposit is received. Refunds of entire deposit will be made for space cancelled 60 days in advance of event; a 50% refund will be made for space cancelled 30 days in advance of event. Cancellations made less than 30 days prior to the first day or event will forfeit the entire deposit for the room.



 Entire Building Request

During the academic year, no one group is allowed to reserve the entire Dreyfus University Center. Two large rooms and 2 small rooms will be kept open to other groups until two weeks prior to event. Any rooms not reserved by another group, can then be reserved for the large event.



 General Information- University Buildings

  • Snacks, coffee breaks, meals and other food service can be catered to meeting rooms, although most academic rooms have food restrictions. All food and beverages for group functions that are consumed in campus buildings, (with the exception of CPS Cafeteria, athletic concessions, and residence halls), must be provided by the University Dining Services, and arranged directly with them. 

  • If beer or other alcohol is desired at a meeting or event, alcohol approval must be granted by University Dining Services according to alcohol-use guidelines. This approval is required before University Food Service can serve any alcohol, and they are the sole server of catered alcohol anywhere on the UW-Stevens Point campus.

  • Student organizations wishing to sell food items on-campus must complete one of the following forms.
  • Any University department or student organization can reserve space for sales pur­poses, but must secure a sales regist­ration form from the Student Involvement and Employment Of­fice, as well as a waiver from Food Ser­vice if food or bever­age is in­volved.


    It is the sponsoring organization’s responsibility to notify the Campus Reservations Office whenever A/V or technology in academic classrooms will be used or will be needed a minimum of one week in advance of the program. Campus Reservation Office can advise which rooms have suitable A/V and technology and which rooms have no technology at all. COMPUTER-BASED TECHNOLOGY IN ROOMS IS ONLY ACCESSIBLE TO PERSONS WHO HAVE A VALID UW-Stevens Point NETWORK LOGON ID. PERSONS WITHOUT A VALID UW-Stevens Point NETWORK LOGON ARE SHOULD CONTACT THE INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY HELP DESK A MINIMUM OF ONE WEEK PRIOR TO THE DATE OF THE EVENT TO MAKE ARRANGEMENTS TO OBTAIN A GUEST NETWORK ACCOUNT.

    There is no charge for the use of existing A/V and technology equipment in academic classrooms, however equipment usage policies vary by room. A/V and technology equipment such as TV/VCRs, overhead projectors, etc. is available for use without assistance in some academic classrooms. However, many rooms on campus have locked technology cabinets which may only be accessed by a UW-Stevens Point faculty member who is knowledgeable in the use of the technology or by hiring a technician from the Program Services Office. Only UW-Stevens Point faculty, staff, and Program Services technicians are allowed to check out keys to those cabinets and monitor the equipment’s usage. Faculty and UW-Stevens Point staff wanting to use the technology in rooms with locked cabinets must make that request through Campus & Reservations to be connected with either Information Technology support staff or a Program Services technician (depending on the room) in order to be trained on proper use of the equipment.​​


The University Campus Reservations Office is not responsible for parking in UW-Stevens Point parking lots or on the City of Stevens Point’s streets. The University Parking Office (715-346-3900) manages parking privileges on campus.



 Rights Reserved

The Campus Reservations office reserves the right to change room reservations in order to maximize use of the Dreyfus University Center for all users.  The Campus Reservations office reserves the right to cancel or alter any reservation that conflicts with the general policy and educational mission of the University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point.
The Campus Reservation office reserves the right to deny service to organizations that have violated reservations policies or are not in good standing with the university until privileges have been reinstated by the Director of University Centers or their designee.



 Sales Registration Disclaimer

The operation of a concession or sale of goods on this campus by any student group is subject to the review of the Student Involvement and Employment Office.  Any sales sponsored by a UW-Stevens Point Department, must follow all State of Wisconsin Statutes. 

If food or beverages are to be part of the sale, a waiver from University Dining Services must also be obtained in addition to any sales registration permit.

It is the responsibility of the sponsoring organization to see that these approvals have been received PRIOR to any sales taking place.



 University Centers Decoration Policy

  • Decorations should be freestanding, or floor and table arrangements.
  • Decorations are not to be taped, glued, or tacked to a wall, window, ceiling, or floor surface. Poster putty is allowed. (Exception to this is that items may be taped to the brick wall in Laird Room.)
  • Easels can be provided for an event to accommodate decorating and can be reserved through Campus Reservations.
  • Balloons must be secured at all times on the DUC Concourse and in the Alumni Room. Unsecured balloons can potentially set off the building fire alarms system, and may result in a fine from the SPFD.
  • Glitter, confetti, or sand is not allowed. Clean up for these items will be billed to the user of the space at $25.00 per hour with a four-hour minimum.
  • Decorating supplies, set up and tear down are responsibility of sponsoring organization/group.
  • In compliance with the UW System Risk Management requirements, candles are allowed in the University Centers only for catered events with approval of University Dining Services. Candles are only allowed for non-catered events for ceremonial or religious purposes and only with pre-approval.



 UW-Stevens Point Sponsorship

Requests for a UW-Stevens Point sponsored event must come from an individual that is either:

  • An official member of the recognized student organization officers listed on the SIEO Student Organization Database
  • A paid staff person from a UW-Stevens Point Department.

Recognized student organizations or campus departments may not reserve space for other organizations for the purpose of lower rates. The organization or department sponsoring the event must be primarily responsible for planning, implementing, attending and financing the event. The Director of the University Centers or his/her designee reserves the right to evaluate and make final determination of appropriate rates. Violations will result in suspension of reservation privileges.​


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