Website Policies

Recognized student organizations at UWSP are permitted to maintain a website on the UWSP server. Organizations without a website may request space by contacting the SIEO Web Manager at The Web Manager will grant access for recognized student organizations only.

Once space is created, the student organization is responsible for maintaining the web site through SharePoint. In order to recieve editing permissions, SOD must be kept up to date.

Web space is available to promote the student organization to which it is assigned at UWSP:

  • Web space cannot be reassigned to other non-recognized organizations, businesses, or individuals.
  • Web space cannot be used for commercial promotions, external business endeavors, or political lobbying.
  • Web space cannot act as a storage area for personal or other files not related to the mission of the student organization.

Web pages must meet all other conditions of acceptable use for computing facilities included in the UWSP Web Standards and Guidelines. Web pages are expected to respect copyright laws and intellectual property policies.

If a student organization is no longer recognized, their site will be terminated.

Each organization is eligible for one account. It is the responsibility of the owner organization to ensure that only authorized individuals may edit the site.

Non-compliance with these guidelines will result in termination of the account and in the case of suspected violations of the University web guidelines, such abuses will be reported to the Director of the University Centers for appropriate action.

Copyright policy: