UWSP Posting Policy

(Excerpt from UWSP Posting Policy, as passed by Faculty Senate, revised 1989)

  • All materials to be posted must conform to statutory and institutional requirements pertaining to community standards and commercial solicitation.

  • All materials to be posted must be stamped for campus posting by either the staff of the Information & Ticket Office materials or the Student Involvement & Employment Office (SIEO).

  • All advertising materials to be posted must have the name of the recognized campus organization or department clearly identified as the sponsoring group.

  • Responsibility for interpreting the University posting policy, as approved by the Faculty Senate, shall reside with the Director of the University Centers.

  • All bulletin boards are limited to one poster per event. Posting is on a first come, first served basis, within space limitations. Only tacks or staples may be used for posting. Posted materials must be removed upon the expiration date by the sponsoring organization.

  • Materials for specific events must be dated, and may not be posted until four weeks prior to the event.

  • Oversized posters may not be posted until seven days before the event. Posted materials are the responsibility of the sponsoring organization or department.

The University accepts no responsibility for posted materials or the contents thereof, nor any liability for such materials, nor any responsibility for the destruction of any posted materials. The University does reserve the right to remove destroyed and severely damaged material, as well as, outdated posters.

38 Posting Locations on Campus

  1. Allen Center, 1 location
    • Lower level in the hallway

  2. Noel Fine Arts Center (NFAC), 3 locations
    • You must contact Dean for Approval
    • Postings without Dean’s approval will be removed
    • Materials may be posted on public bulletin boards in corridor near rooms 125, 155 and 175

  3. Trainer Natural Resources (TNR Building), 2 locations
    • Outside of room 170
    • 1st floor, west stairwell, outside room 163 (West Entrance)

  4. College of Professional Studies (CPS), 1 location
    • Outside Cafeteria on west wall

  5. Collins Classroom Center (CCC), 1 location
    • 1st floor, east hallway, north end of building
    • (NO STAPLES)

  6. Communication Arts Center (CAC), 1 location
    • Must contact Dean for approval and locations

  7. DeBot Center (DC), 4 locations
    • 2 bulletin boards on east upper level
    • 2 bulletin boards on west wall, lower level

  8. Dreyfus University Center (DUC), 1 location
    • Bulletin board on south side of concourse

  9. Health Enhancement Center (HEC), 2 locations
    • Outside rooms 33 & 64

  10. Albertson Hall (ALB), 2 locations
    • Outside of computer lab Room 110
    • Info. Technology (lower level)

  11. Nelson Hall, 1 location
    • Bulletin Board (2nd Floor)

  12. Science Building (SCI), 5 locations
    • Outside of rooms D101, D102, A121
    • Entrance of B wing
    • Entrance from courtyard (west entrance)

  13. Student Services Center (SSC), 1 location
    • Across from the Bursar’s Office, lower level

  14. Residence Halls (1 Each), 13 locations
    • Give to respective desk worker or bring to RHA meetings on Tuesdays at 4:00 pm to be distributed.

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