​Alternatives to Hazing

Non-Hazing Activites to Avoid the Negative Effects of Hazing:

1. Teambuilding activites (can be facilitated by CASE or campus professional - there are hundreds of these activites that you can use).

2. Participate in and/or plan a community service project.

3. Visit a ropes course together

4. Plan a fundraiser to donate to a charity.

5. Encourage active membership in at least one organization outside the group.

6. Host a Family Weekend event.

7. Attend a theatrical production or athletic event of a new member choosing together.

8. Allow new members time for themselves to do and be what they want. Don't monopolize their time.

9. Have lunch together once a week in a dining hall with the entire organization.

10. Invite Alum to talk about the history of the organization.


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