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Do you want the UWSP community to know more about your ethnicty/race, country, classism, gender stereotypes, ability and/or disability, mental health, sexual orientation and/or preference, religion and/or spiritual beliefs and practices, and/or current cultural issues?

If so, Please consider applying to speak at a Coffee and Culture! The purpose of Coffee and Culture is to offer reoccurring culturally focused conversations for students to connect with each other to reflect and develop leadership skills through peer interactions.

Applications are open February 13th - March 3rd.

To apply Click here

If you are selected you will be notified by March 17th.



"I love that the Speakers make you think about contemporary issues. I like listening to their views, getting a broad perspective of the topic, and then comparing it with my own views. This provides me with the tools I need to think about these issues and helps me grow as an individual." Parth Dogra, Junior

"I have learned new lingo, concepts, and so much more information from attending Coffee and Culture. This program helps me get a better understanding of the world around me. I then try to apply what I have learned from coffee and Culture to my life." Zoe Zi Wei Thompson-Eagan, Junior

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