Usher Policy

This policy is designed to meet the State of Wisconsin Statutes pertaining to the handling of “state” money, and protects the student organization from any situations that may cause a conflict of interest. The Campus Activities Ushers are specifically trained in the handling of large sums of money, customer relations, conflict management, and event management. Remember these guidelines when planning an event:

  • When charging admission, you must use Usher Services.

  • The University Centers will cover the cost of up to two ushers used in the DUC by student organizations. Usher services provided outside of the UC will be charged a fee.

  • A fee will be charged to the organization for each additional usher if more than two are requested.

  • The usher rate per hour is $9.00 (per usher).

  • Campus Activities reserves the right to require additional ushers for safety purposes.

  • To reserve Usher Services you may complete an “Usher Request Form” at the Information & Ticket Center or the Campus Activities and Recreation Office or online​.

  • Usher requests must be submitted a minimum of two weeks prior to the event.

  • Campus Activities reserves the right to refuse requests if not submitted on time. Please contact the Usher Services Manager at the Campus Activities and Recreation Office at 346-4056.