​How To Start a New Student Organization

There are 7 steps to become a recognized student organization:

1. Meet with the Program Assistant in the Student Involvement and Employment Office to discuss your idea for a new organization.

2. Obtain at least five other students who are willing to serve as officers or members in your organization. It is mandatory to have a President and Treasurer.

a. Temporary Recognition allowing prospective organizations to hang posters/flyers and reserve space on campus to garner interest can be granted for up to 30 days prior to the deadline for applications. Applications for Temporary Recognition may be requested via email to sieo@uwsp.edu.

3. Find a 75% FTE faculty OR staff member to be your adviser.

a. We recommend an adviser who is willing to participate in your organization's executive meetings and attend all or some of your general meetings.

4. Fill out the New Student Organization Registration on SPIN (spin.uwsp.edu) (see instructions in this guide) and write your constitution and if needed, a set of bylaws. (See sample constitution in this guide).

a. Attend to emails sent by the Student Involvement and Employment Office in case changes need to be made to the constitution or questions need to be answered before moving on to the next step.

5. After all paperwork is reviewed and completed, attend the scheduled new recognition meeting. **Please note that TWO officers must be in attendance at this meeting.

6. Upon completion of the recognition meeting, the Program Assistant will email the President of the organization and the Student Government Association (SGA) Speaker of the Senate to notify that you are ready for your final step.

7. You will be contacted by the Speaker of the Senate (after receiving the above email) to attend an SGA Senate meeting. They will ask you a few questions and vote. If they vote yes, you are a new permanent student organization. If they vote no, you will not be considered as a valid student organization.