2015 Employer of the Year Award
Do you have the best University employer? Then nominate your employer for the Employer of the Year Award. Please consider taking the time to complete the brief online nomination form (below), which includes short responses to the following statements.
  • The nominee's ability to work well with student employees (examples may include flexibility, ability to motivate, etc.)
  • Describe the nominee's ability to provide a meaningful work experience (provide an opportunity to gain positive work skills and habits, professionalism, etc.) for you and your fellow student employees.
  • Any unique qualities that make this employer qualified for this award. 
  • In order to be eligible for consideration, student employees must have worked a minimum of 6 months part-time (or three months full-time), during the selection period which is from June in the prior year through May of the current year.
If you have questions about the University Employer of the Year Award, please contact Riddhi Gandhi in the Student Involvement & Employment Office at sieoerc@uwsp.edu or 346-2624.
Attributes - Provide an example that demonstrates the nominees’ greatest attributes and how these attributes enhance their contributions to the position.
Expectations – Provide an example of how the nominee goes above and beyond the expectations listed in their job description.
Leadership/Style – Leadership – Provide an example of how the nominee’s leadership skills, initiative or style helped to improve how your office functions. Style – Describe the quality of the nominee’s work style and how their style of work is well suited for your department.
Impact – Provide an example of the positive impact the nominee has had to your department, campus or community.
Nominations are Now Closed