Off-Campus Work Study

What Type of Employers Can Participate in the Work Study Program?

Local, county, state, and federal agencies are eligible as well as most public and private non-profit agencies can be considered as a work location.

What Are the Responsibilities of an Off-Campus Work Study Employer?

Participating agencies serve as the employer of record for the student. You have the ability to select the student you would like to hire, your are responsible for their work-load, their evaluation, their safety, and all other aspects of their employment. Employers pay 33% of a student’s wage up to their Work Study Award amount (all Work Study students have a limit to the amount of money they can make through this program) and are responsible for worker’s compensation coverage. The 33% cost covers a 25% match to the 75% federal match, and an 8% administrative fee.

If interested in participating in the off-campus work study program, contact Michele Miller at 715-346-4991 or for more information.