What We Offer Faculty & Staff

The mission of the Academic and Career Advising Center is to “provide comprehensive career/life planning and job search services linking education and the world of work” for our students. We believe that one of the most effective ways to accomplish this mission is to partner with academic and administrative units as we collectively strive to maintain and enhance our university’s student-centered focus. As a member of the faculty or staff, each of you is in a position to play a pivotal role- influencing the success of our students during their college studies and beyond. In an effort to share with you resources that we hope will benefit you and your students, we invite and encourage you to take advantage of the links provided here. We look forward to assisting you or partnering with you whenever the opportunity arises.
Career Services connections for faculty and staff - We offer many services to assist you with classroom presentations, classroom coverage, and programming for your student organizations.

 Follow-up studies of UWSP graduates

These studies provide annual data on the employment or continued educational status of each UWSP graduating class.

Click Here for Follow-up studies of UWSP graduates

 Legal/ethical resources

These links provide information regarding rights, responsibilities, and standards related to student records, hiring, and reference letters.
Click Here for more links to legal/ethical resources

 Internship resources

Here are helpful resources for departmental intern coordinators or other faculty/staff who work with students looking for internships.

 Economic/workforce information

 Links to Student Services units

This link provides a convenient way to access selected Student Services websites that you may find helpful.
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