Closure of Teacher Credential Files at UWSP Career Services

Alumni who established teacher credential files between the years 1977-2003 should be aware that as of January 1, 2013, all files will be shredded. Our policy has been to shred files after 35 years.  This practice will continue until 2013 when all teacher credential files will be shredded.  Transcripts have never been a part of credential files.  The Registration and Records Office is responsible for all transcripts:
Those in the Education field know that school districts no longer look to Career Services Offices to provide credentials as part of the hiring process, but rather expect candidates to supply these materials themselves (“self-credential”).  In 2003, the Career Services Office discontinued creating credential files, so newer alumni are not affected by this.
Any alumni who want the non-confidential contents of their teacher credential file should provide specific information when contacting the Career Services Office.  A request form is available off our website.  UWSP credential files typically contain a resume or data sheets and original letters of recommendation.  Older files may also contain student teaching reports.   
The staff of Career Services is available to talk with alumni about their file or to answer questions related to job seeking or career changing.  We can be reached by e-mail at  or telephone 715-346-3226.  The Career Services Office is located in room #201 of the Student Services Center.