Career Exploration

In order for you to make good decisions related to choosing academic majors, minors, courses, and career options, it is important to consider a wide variety of career/life issues.  Students often have similar needs related to academic and career information, yet most everyone will have very unique questions and needs related to their own personal circumstances.  Our office provides many services to assist you in learning more about your needs and wants and matching them with the many career options in the world of work.

 Career Exploration Portal

​The purpose of this Portal site is to provide you a one stop resource site with a wide variety of helpful web pages related to career exploration and job searching. The site provides helpful links on how to start the career exploration process, assessment, occupational information sites, campus resources and how to use the internet to find information.       

Career Exploration Portal

 Career Planning Process

For most students, it a natural time to question and struggle with the process of making career and life decisions.  It is also very common for most students not to have had much preparation to know how to proceed in this process.  The following sites may give you both an understanding of the process and steps to take in moving yourself forward to a successful decision.

Getting Started
Career Planning Checklist
UW System Help

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 Career Assessment and Counseling

In addition to providing one-to-one career counseling, we also offer a number of very good career assessments to help you understand your skills, interests and personality in order to assist you in locating and researching academic and career options.

 CareerLocker Online Career Resource

CareerLocker is a career development website designed to help youth and adults with career awareness, exploration and planning. Its mission is to facilitate lifelong career development, a meaningful work/life, and a sound economic future for all Wisconsin residents.

 Researching Occupations

As you start to develop career options, you will want to begin researching them to identify specifics such as: what skills and knowledge are required, educational expectations, job openings, and salaries, as well as matching careers with your preferences.

 Personal Lifestyle and Salary

​In addition to your skills, interests, personality preferences, and values, it is also important to learn about what lifestyle you prefer to live.

 Informational Interviewing

One of the most important activities you can do to both make an educated decision and to develop yourself professionally is to talk with people already working in the profession you are interested in entering.  Some people may shy away from this activity, but it is one of the best experiences that you can do in helping you find a match between yourself and the world of work.

 Informational Interviewing
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 Follow-Up Studies of UWSP Graduates

​When exploring majors and minors it can be helpful to learn what graduates from different majors are doing right after graduation.  UWSP researches our students every year and complies this information.
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