Explanation of Assessments

Vocational Assessments: “What are you all about?”

Remember: Career Planning is a process, not a single assessment!

The Career Services Office offers a variety of assessment instruments to assist you in your search for a future career and lifestyle. We recommend the taking of two assessments - the Campbell Interest Skill Survey (CISS) and the Jung Typology Test.

What are Career Assessments?

There are many types of career assessments out on the market. No one assessment will tell you what job you will be best at nor what job you will like the best. These assessments will be very different from most of the earlier assessments you took in high school. Also, you are very different in maturity towards making large decisions in your life.
Assessments may provide some insights into such areas as: what your personality is like, what you like and dislike, what motivates you, how you make decisions, what type of people and environments you enjoy, and what might be your strongest skills.
In making the best possible decision on a major and /or a career, you need to spend time assessing yourself in the areas of:
Personality: You need to develop an understanding of your personality type and how your type will best fit into a specific job. Assessing your personality will provide you information on what motivates you, how you relate and work with others, and what skills you may want to use in the future.
Decision Making: You need to learn how you make decisions and perhaps better ways to make decisions in the future. To make effective decisions you need to increase your understanding of who you are and how this matches with specific job requirements and working conditions.
Developmental Needs: You need to learn ways to improve your personal and professional effectiveness.

What Assessments are Available to You?

Campbell Interest and Skill Survey (CISS) - Cost: $10.00
The Campbell Survey provides occupational information based on both your self-assessed skills and interests. You will receive a computer generated report providing extensive information on the relationship between your skills and interests, and how your results relate to specific occupations. The survey will provide guidance on whether you should further develop specific skills and / or interests, and whether you should pursue, avoid, develop, or explore specific careers.
This personality assessment provides information on how you interact with the world, how you collect and use information, how you make decisions, and how you organize the world around you. This information is very valuable when you compare how you will fit within an organization and how you may perform within a specific job.

Procedures in Taking the Assessments

If you decide to take the assessments, you may either call 346-3226 or stop into the Academic and Career Advising Center to set up a time to take the CISS.  The CISS will take about 45 minutes to be completed on a computer in our office. Once you know when you are going to take the assessments, you can schedule an appointment with a counselor to have your results interpreted. Interpretation is required to make sure the results are correctly understood. If you have questions, the office staff will be able to clarify the assessments and the procedures.
The Jung Typology Test can be completed on your own online.   Print out the results or have accessable on a dvice to share with a career counselor.
Once you have completed the assessments and had them interpreted for you there are many resources where you can research more information on both the results and/or about possible occupations and related majors. Although we recommend these two assessments, we also encourage you to take other assessments to increase the number of occupations you may review before making your next step in deciding your major or career direction. Some of these assessments can be found by using CareerLocker and links found on our assessment page. Again, ask if you have questions.