​Physics Career and Employment Links

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  • Science Jobs - A science job search engine in all areas of science including, but not limited to: biochemistry, biotechnology, bioinformatics, biophysics, botany, cell biology, developmental biology, ecology, environmental science, genetics, medicine, microbiology, and zoology.
  • NIU Physics List - Offers examples of occupations and employers, as well as a list of links to sites offering openings.
  • American Institute of Physics Career Resources. - While this page is a treasure of information related to Physics, your quest for employment information can be fulfilled by following the link to AIP's "Resume Search Service". You can post your resume and/or review job opportunities by category.
  • PhysicsWeb - Again, a significant resource for information related to Physics, and how it integrates with other sciences. Look for the link to "PhysicsJobs". You'll find job openings, internships, assistantships and fellowships.
  • American Astronomical Society Career Center - Mostly lists academic job openings for astronomers and astrophysicists, but some nonacademic and postdoctoral openings as well.
  • American Physical Society Job Center - Academic and nonacademic job listings. There's also a resume bank.
  • Green Jobs - Focusing on the Renewable Energy industry
  • How to Leave Physics - This site provides information on alternative careers; tips on finding potential employers, writing a resume, and interviewing; a question-and-answer page with Ms. Hodgdon's replies to readers' general questions; and links to other employment resources.
  • Green Jobs Network - Connecting people seeking jobs that focus on environmental and social responsibility with available opportunities and resources.
  • Physlink.com Job Board - Academic and nonacademic job listings for physicists, astronomers, and engineers around the world. Users may also post their CV's on the site.
  • Space Jobs - Job listings in the aeronautics and space industries.
  • American Association of Physics Teachers - AAPT's online Science Job Market features jobs for physics educators (in middle schools, high schools, and two- and four-year colleges and universities) in the United States and abroad.
  • AeroIndustryJobs - Employment opportunities in the aerospace, defense, aviation, advanced materials and composites industries. Registered users may also post their resumes on the site.
  • Are you interested in Technical Sales? Real scientists are employed in the sale and support of products ranging from pharmaceuticals to laboratory equipment.
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Updated January 16, 2013