​Geography Career and Employment Links

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  • GeographyJobs.com. Jobs in urban planning, the environment, transportation planning, GIS, academia and more. Job seekers can post their resumes and all services are free of charge.
  • GISuser.com - Describes itself as "the most comprehensive, current, and information-rich resource for the GIS, mapping, geopositioning, and geospatial technology user". Look for the tab labeled "GIS jobs".
  • GIS Jobs Clearinghouse - Arguably the best known GIS employment site on the web, and they've been on the internet since 1992. Post your resume for free!
  • Careers in Geography - A strong collection of links to sites offering explanations of the wide array of careers associated with a Geography major, as well as links to internship and employment opportunities.
  • GISjobs.com - Check out the Classifieds, and/or post your resume. This site offers a free mailing serve that notifies you when a position is posted that matches your qualifications and interests.
  • Guide to GeoScience Careers and Employers - Links to employers in mining, petroleum, research, consulting and government service.
  • From the Office of Personnel Management web site:
  • GeoWeb - Post your resume, browse or search openings, research employers. post your resume and/or review current openings. This site also offers a wage and salary survey to help you evaluate employment offers!
  • GeoSearch - Positions in Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Global Positioning Systems (GPS), Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing, Image Processing, Computer Science and Related Technologies and Sciences.
  • Geo Job Source - A general geography/geoscience internet directory. Go to their "Career Opportunities Page" to view job openings. You can also post your resume for employer review.
  • American Geographical Society - Look for their link to internship information.
  • NIU Major Links - Geography - A BIG list of links to occupational options, intern and job opportunities, and salary information. NIU also offers a similar page with resources for Geology & Environmental GeoSciences.
  • American Association of Geographers - Links to career and job search information.
  • Earth Science World - Careers in the Geosciences - Look for the "Classified Ads link to view openings. Lots of additional information here as well!
NOTE: Be sure to check out the "Big Board" sites on the web that list opportunities in a wide array of occupations. UWSP's Career Services web site has a page that lists many of the "Big Job Boards". You should also register with Career Services if you have not already done so!
Updated: August 20, 2012