​Dietetics & Nutrition Career and Employment Links

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  • Dietitian Central - A comprehensive web site featuring job openings, current news topics related to food and nutrition, salary information, and a panel of experts who take questions from just about anyone!
  • RD Exam Online Prep - Test yourself before it counts!
  • Dietitians and Nutritionists Career Information - THE authoritative description of employment in Dietetics and/or Nutrition from the U. S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. This site describes the Nature of the Work (working conditions, training and advancement, job outlook, earnings, similar occupations) and sources of additional information.
  • Dietetics.Com - A web site that provides Dietetic professionals with information including Internet links on topics that affect their careers and the profession in general. Look for the link called "RD Jobs".
  • Nutrition Jobs - This site describes itself as the "leading online employment board for career opportunities in the fields of nutrition & dietetics".
  • NIU Nutrition, Dietetics & Hospitality Administration - Offers examples of occupations and employers, as well as a list of links to sites offering openings.
  • Dietitian Hot Jobs - A service of Salary.Com, this site features a list of current openings for Dietitians.
  • Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Career Page - The ADA has over 70,000 members, and this site provides the membership with access to a wide range of resources, including career information and job openings.  You will also find a list of Internships and career advice. 
  • From the Office of Personnel Management web site:
    Federal job openings for Dietitians
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Updated July 15, 2014