Social Services Related Areas

Wisconsin State Agency Pages
The following agencies, departments or other governmental branches have information available in either WWW or gopher format.
State Department of Regulations and Licensing - Heath and Business Professions
This site provides information on licensing on professional occupations in Wisconsin, i.e. social worker, marriage and family therapy, personal counseling, .....
Social Worker Training Certificate - State of Wisconsin
This site provides information on obtaining licensing information, helpful for sociology, psychology, and other interested majors interested in becoming a social worker.
Wisconsin Department of Health and Family Services Licensing Boards and License Information
You'll find the address and phone number of state boards of registration.
Links to Counseling Resources on the Net
Site provides excellent information on professional organizations, licensing, certifications and accreditations, and family, children and other areas related to counseling.
Job Options for Family Studies utilizes the latest technology to "bring together" Human Service/Social Service employers and candidates from across the country.
Job listings for social service related jobs in Wisconsin
The Departments of Health and Family Services (DHFS) Topics A - Z
This site provides directories of many social service agencies in WI.
Wisconsin Foster Care-Related Directory InforsourceUSA
Site provides information on a variety of social and community services organization by state and city.
Results of a search of the Directory of State of Wisconsin County Social Service Agencies
You may want to do your own updated search of the Department of health and Family Services:
Corrections & Youth Services - Missouri State Government Web
This site provides job vacancies through the Office of Administration Division of Personnel Corrections & Youth Services. This is an example of possible job site found within different states over the internet.
Police Officer's Internet Directory
A collection of hundreds of links of interest to police officers. Find out what police departments are on the web and look for resources by topic.
Social Work and Social Services Jobs Online
This site provides an extensive list of resources related to career exploration and job search.
Social Work and Social Services Jobs Database
This database provides information for searching for social work and social services jobs by location in the United States or outside of the United States.
Licensing Information
Virtually every state requires either certification or license of professional social workers. The regulations differ from state to state, as do the levels of practice that are regulated. This site provides Helpful hints to assist social workers seeking a state license.
Brought to you by The New Social Work magazine, this online career center features real social work jobs at all professional levels, in a variety of settings, and in locations around the world.
The New Social Worker
This site connects you to a national magazine devoted to social work students and recent graduates.
List of Social Work Programs
This site provides links to a variety of social work programs.

Career and Job Search Information

Exploring Major/s and Career Paths Semester Programs
Do you want to learn more about what you can do with a major after you graduate? Come to one of these free Exploring Major/s and Career Paths workshops offered by UWSP Career Services! Youll learn about Wisconsin Careers, Career Visions, Web Resources, Career Assessments, and what the Career Services Office has to offer students of all majors and goals!

UWSP Annual Reports
Follow-up studies on past UWSP graduates identifying jobs and employers to consider in relation to majors.
Internet Job Search 
Many of the sites I discussed are on this page.
Job Search by Field
Resources related to specific career areas and majors.
Margaret Riley's Guide
One of the best resources site on the Internet related to job search and career resources.
Career Exploration 
Excellent resources for researching what to do with a major, looking up specific career information, and learning about available career assessments.
What to do with a Major in.... 
Great sites to provide options related to your major or areas you are considering.
WWW Virtual Library
Great backdoor option in finding job sources and finding information and resources.
JobWeb offers career and job-search advice for new college graduates, and is the online complement to the Job Choices job-search publications.
Reference Desk
This is one of the larger sites, and most interesting, listing fact finding related resources.

Learning How to Use Search Engines

Web Searching Tips Great resource page on learning about search engines.
Desk Search Engine Resources Great resource on finding different search engines.
Google Advance Searches Tips on how to use a search engine.
Google Advanced Search Site

Job Search Resources

How to Job Search: The Riley Guide
Resumes and Cover Letters: The Riley Guide
The Riley Guide: A to Z Index: Everything about Anything related to careers and job hunting.
Resumes by the UWSP Career Services (Office Word for Windows Document)
Cover Letters by the UWSP Career Services (Office Word for Windows Document)
Resume - Fill in the Blank - Sample 1
Resume - Fill in the Blank - Sample 2

Academic Resources

UWSP has many resources on the Internet related to majors and courses:
This page is an alphabetic listing of UWSP Web home pages by the name or alternative names of departments, services, or units. 

WISCareers Internet Career Resource

WISCareers ( is a free Internet Career Exploration Resource. If you initially login from a UWSP campus networked computer you will be register automatically without a code. For login in off campus, a "code" is available by contacting or stopping in the Career Services Office.
The WISCareers Program includes:
  • 700+ Occupations: You will find occupations to match your interests, skills, values, or budget from a database of over 700 occupations. You will also find salary information, employment outlook, and education path for the occupations you find most interesting/suitable.
  • Graduate Schools and 4000+ Post-secondary Schools: You may conduct a college/vocational training school search to match your interests and needs from a database of educational institutions nationwide. School information is directly linked to college home pages, campus maps, and online college applications!
  • You can build a budget based on your individual needs and financial resources. In addition, WISCareers includes several resources to help you apply for financial aid.
  • Job Seeking Tools: Tools are available to help you create a resume and career portfolio as well as access information about Wisconsin employers and their current job listings.
  • Use on any Internet-ready computer: With personal passwords and the ability to save information, you can return to your information at anytime in the future to review and compare your findings.