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Adding another email address to Canvas

  • Adding an alternate email address to Canvas Outlook at UWSP is configured to send to your default email address. In many cases, this is not the address that is listed in your Canvas account. This breaks the ability for you to reply to messages that are sent to you through your Inbox. You can add an additional email address to enable replying to emails that were sent from the Canvas inbox. 

Canvas at UWSP

Master Courses

Roles in Canvas

  • ​Course roles - This document describes the different roles available within courses, and the permissions they grant. Instructors can add any user in the UW System to a course in any role, with the exception of the Student role in the SIS courses instance.

Apps and Textbook content

  • Integrating third party apps - This document describes the process for gaining approval to third party app integrations within Canvas, and where to find integrations once they have been added.

Getting ready for the semester

  • Pre-semester Checklist - This document describes the steps needed to move a course from the master course area to the "live" SIS course area, and prepare the live SIS course for use by students.
Kaltura & Canvas

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