Center for Business and Economic Insight (CBEI): Economic Indicator Reports and Research

The dissemination of the CBEI research takes place through Economic Indicator Reports. The Economic Indicator Reports are presented in the population centers of Central Wisconsin, i.e., Marshfield, Stevens Point, Wausau and Wisconsin Rapids. The reports are presented to the business, political, and educational leaders of those counties. Substantial newspaper, radio, and television coverage of the publications and presentations have been instrumental in focusing attention on UWSP and the School of Business and Economics. The reports contain data on a wide range of economic data. For example the reports contain data on national statistics such as GDP, inflation, industrial production and interest rates. At the state and local level the reports contain data on employment, unemployment, business sentiment, retail sentiment, family financial distress, construction and housing data.

These reports contain a special section devoted to a topic of economic significance and are usually given by UW-Stevens Point faculty. Recent papers published in the Economic Indicators series have dealt with volatility in the job markets, tourism in Central Wisconsin, health care in the region, migration into and out of the counties of Portage, Marathon, and Wood, the high tech industry base of Central Wisconsin, and the economic significance of small business to the region. ​​

Our most recent reports and research can be found below, or browse through our archives dating back to 1984.


Q1 2021 Central Wisconsin Economic Indicators by Scott Wallace, Ph.D., The Economy–Where We’ve Been and Where We’re Going by Kevin Bahr Ph.D., et al, the Center for Business and Economic Insight. Special Report on Housing Bubble? The Dynamics of the Real Estate Market in Central Wisconsin by Dave Schalow, Ph.D. Column: Insight Spotlight The Creative Economy: Life After the Pandemic features Greg Wright, executive director of CREATE Portage County, and Jason Davis, Ph.D.

CBEI Central Wisconsin Spring 2021 Report


Q3 2020 Central Wisconsin Economic Indicators by Scott Wallace, Ph.D., Divisiveness and The Economic Challenges of 2021 by Kevin Bahr Ph.D., et al, the Center for Business and Economic Insight. Special Report on Grit Won’t Quit: How Hiring for Passion + Perseverance May Help Reduce Turnover by Nik Butz, Ph.D. and Reed Stratton, Ph.D. Column: Insight Spotlight Release the Data Analyst! by Kurt Pflughoeft, Ph.D. Inner View: Thousand Lumens Productions by Emma Fisher.

CBEI Central Wisconsin Fall 2020 Report
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