​Faculty and Staff


Our faculty members have real-world experience in a wide range of business disciplines as well as graduate degrees from some of the finest unive​rsities internationally. You'll benefit from our hands-on style of instruction and comprehensive understanding of our fields as you learn the concepts and practices that are key to all business applications. You'll also find that we're always looking for ways to support the economic growth of the greater Central Wisconsin region and we want you to see what effect your efforts can have in your own backyard. Recent student research looked at the viability of a Stevens Point area business manufacturing ethanol fuel. Another class took on a service-learning project that helped a regional nonprofit organization audit and strengthen its internal controls. All of our students network with area business leaders and greatly benefit from their knowledge and expertise.

Kim Carroll
Kim Carroll
MBA Administrative Assistant
420 CPS
Bridget Culbert
Bridget Culbert
Associate Outreach Specialist
Anderson Classroom to Career Center Office Manager
128B CPS
Administrative Specialist
420 CPS
Associate Dean, College of Professional Studies
Head, School of Business & Economics
424 CPS
Leah Rose
Leah Rose
Administrative Program Specialist
Accreditation Assistant
419 CPS
Director of Advising
100B CPS
Office Staff
Business Administration