Scott Wallace 

336D CPS
Professional Title:
Professor of Economics


I graduated with a B.A. in economics from Drew University in 1982. For the next 10 years, I worked in the business world for firms like General Electric and Citibank. In 1999, I completed my Ph.D. in economics at the University of Connecticut. Before coming to UWSP in 2000, I spent a year teaching at Gustavus Adolphus College in Minnesota. I also have taught classes at Trinity College in Connecticut. I have co-led two trips abroad with Barb Mihm focusing on International Retailing in Europe. I currently hold the rank of full professor and also am the research associate at the Central Wisconsin Economic Research Bureau (CWERB).

Selected Publications:

“Do Defined Benefit Pensions Create Monopsony Power? Evidence from the Academic Labor Market” with Kevin Neuman. Journal of Economics and Economic Education Research, Accepted for publication in 2017

“Technological Change and Job Polarization:  The Wisconsin Experience” with Erika Rattunde and Jerome Segura III. Journal of Economics and Economic Education Research, 2016, 17(2), pp.149-159.

“A Long Hard Slog:  Debt and Economic Recovery” with Randy Cray. Journal of Economics and Economic Education Research., 2014, 15(1), pp. 83-102.

“The American Pie: Income Inequality in the United States,” with Randy Cray. International Journal of Economics and Social Science, Vol. 1, pp. 34-58.

“Coordination Costs and Firm Boundaries: A Tale of Two Supply Chains in the Apparel Industry,” with Brian Kench and Barb Mihm. Journal of Management Policy and Practice, 2012, 13(3), pp. 47-65.

“Dynamic Transaction Costs and Firm Boundaries in the Soft Drink Industry,” with Brian Kench and Trevor Knox. Journal of Economics and Economic Education Research, 2012, 13(1), pp. 33-51.

"The Economics of Vertical Integration Revisited," with Brian Kench and Trevor Knox, Presented at the MBAA International Conference for Academy of Business and Economics in Chicago on March 24, 2011. Winner of 2011 McGraw Hill/Irwin Distinguished Paper Award.

"2008-2009 Tuition and Fees in Higher Education" with Brian Kench and Kevin Neuman, Business Studies Journal, 2010, 2(2): pp.11-18.

"Mapping 2007-08 Tuition and Fees in Higher Education" with Brian Kench. Journal of Applied Research, January-February 2010, 26(1), pp. 11-18.

“Innovation, Capabilities, and Organizational Economics: Lessons from the Business Strategy Literature” with Brian Kench and Trevor Knox. Journal of Business Disciplines, Fall 2006, 7(1), pp. 45-58.

“Customer Service, Innovation, and the Economics of Waiting” with Barb Mihm, Gary Mullins, and C.R. Marshall. Journal of Contemporary Business Issues, Fall 2002, 10(2), 36-41. 

Research Interests:

  • Economics of Organization
  • Industrial Organization
  • Economic History
  • Business Economics

Courses Taught:

  • Principles of Microeconomics (Econ 211)
  • Evolution of American Enterprise (Econ 330)
  • Business and Government (Econ 315)
  • Industrial Organization (Econ 340)
  • Economics of Organization (Econ 420)
  • Managerial Economics (Econ 370) 


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