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Academic Coaching
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Set up a meeting with the Tutoring-Learning Center’s Academic Literacies Specialist one-on-one to get help with time management, note-taking, textbook comprehension, test preparation, test-taking, memorization, motivation and goal setting.

Career Advising
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Set up a meeting with a staff person in one of the Academic and Career Advising Centers to get individualized help with projects such as:

  • polishing your resume
  • drafting a cover letter
  • building your LinkedIn profile
  • reviewing an asessment (e.g. Myers-Briggs)
  • strategizing about your job search

Financial Coaching
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Set up a meeting with a Financial Coach to work on an individual financial success plan.

Lunch with a Leader (Feb. 10-28, 2020. Fall dates TBD)
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Contact Information

Lunch with a Leader is an opportunity for students to reach out to community leaders for lunch and have a one-on-one opportunity to talk about any sort of professional development, guidance and resources (e.g., resume reviewing/building, tips on specific job market, how to achieve the same success as leader, and professional lessons/wisdom from leader).

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