SBE Events: What the students are saying

"The 'Exploring Grad School Options' SBE event was quite beneficial to a student in my position. Being a senior that is about to graduate in May, I am becoming more aware of my options post-graduation. This event has made me further consider the option to attend grad school. Before I attended this event the thought of applying to grad school was daunting and a bit overwhelming, but now I feel much more comfortable with the idea and process."

"SBE Events provide students with excellent opportunities to learn from and make contacts with area professionals. I heard of a number of employment opportunities during the SBE events."


"I just got my formal job offer and will be starting training in a couple of weeks. Without the networking event that was held this past semester I'm not sure that this opportunity would have been available to me. The ability to network and put a face to a name is powerful thing, especially when initially looking for employment."

"I really enjoyed the Women in Business lunch, it gave me a chance to network with successful women. I received business cards from a handful of women who said they would be glad to sit down with me and give me some advice."