SBE Events: FAQs

What are SBE Events?

The School of Business & Economics has a series of speakers, discussions, workshops and field trips called SBE Events. It is important to take advantage of these learning opportunities outside the classroom. The events will help you make the most out of your time as a student and to prepare for a successful career.

How can I find out about upcoming SBE Events? 

Check the online SBE Events calendar ( for announcements of upcoming SBE Events. You can also follow us on social media:

Are SBE Events open to everyone? 

Absolutely! Even if you are not currently taking a core class (Accounting or Business) that requires events attendance, please come to as many events as you can.

How many events am I expected to attend? 

Each SBE core class (Accounting or Business) requires attendance at two events; at least one of those events must be before the mid-semester cut-off of Oct. 20, 2017. Check your class syllabi or the SBE Events website ( to see which classes require SBE Events attendance. 

How do I get credit for attending an SBE Event? 

When you attend an event, it is your responsibility to sign in with your Point Card. After the mid-semester cut-off of Oct. 20, 2017, and after the end of the semester, we will send attendance reports to SBE faculty.

What if I don't attend enough events to fulfill all of my SBE Events attendance requirements? 

If you have multiple courses (again, core Accounting and Business classes ONLY) with SBE Events requirements, it is your responsibility to make sure you have attended enough events for each course. If you have not attended enough events to cover all of your courses, your attendance will be allocated to your courses in alpha-numeric order.

Can I fulfill all my SBE Events attendance requirements early in the semester? 

Sure! If you go to extra events before Oct. 20, 2017, those credits will carry over into the second half of the semester.

How can I find out how many events I have attended so far? 

Check your attendance at the SBE Events website

Can I attend one event and get credit for multiple courses? 

No, sorry---no double-dipping!

How can I get an event advertised as an official SBE Event? 

If you know about an upcoming event that would be of interest to SBE students, email us (, preferably two weeks in advance.

Can I get credit for events not listed as official SBE Events? 

Possibly! If you are attending a conference or lecture and you think it will have useful professional content, email us ( to ask about possible SBE Events credit.

Can club meetings count as events? 

Yes, many club meetings count as SBE Events, including SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management), Rotaract (part of Rotary International), Economics Club, I-Club (International), Enactus (Entrepreneurs) and SFA (Students Finance Association).

Do I have to join a club in order to attend a club meeting? 

You can always attend one meeting to find out more info and decide if you would like to join a club. In addition, many clubs have open meetings at which non-members are welcome; for instance, when the club is hosting a speaker.

What is Toastmasters? 

Toastmasters is an international organization dedicated to improving communication skills. Attending meetings can count as an SBE Event; just take along an 'Attendance Documentation Form," found on the SBE Events web page (

What's an IMA dinner? 

The IMA - Institute of Management Accountants - is a professional organization for local folks working in this field. The members get together once a month, to have dinner and hear a speaker. It's a networking opportunity, plus educational. Many careers, including accounting, have continuing education requirements. By going to these meetings, accountants can keep their license in good standing. It's kind of like a mini-conference.

SBE students are welcome to attend as guests. You are getting a free dinner without having to join the association - a nice perk.

IMA dinners are usually held on the third Tuesday of each month. To attend, you must sign up on the website ( by noon of the previous Friday.

How about more daytime events? 

We are working on adding more daytime events but keep in mind that: 

  1. Classrooms are scarce during the day.
  2. Many of our professional guests are working during the day.


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