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UWSP Signature/Contracting Authority

List of authorized signers for UWSP.

Only a small number of individuals at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point have been delegated the authority to sign contracts on behalf of the University.   Those individuals – authorized signers - derive their authority from either the Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin System, pursuant to Chapter 36 of the Wisconsin Statutes, or with the Wisconsin Department of Administration, pursuant to Chapter 16 of the Wisconsin Statues.  Consult the information below to determine whether a document requires an official University signature, and to determine the appropriate process for obtaining such a signature.

Delegation of Authority

On behalf of the Board of Regents, through Regent Policy Document 13-1, the President of the University of Wisconsin System has delegated to the Chancellors of their respective institutions signature authority of their institution.  Further delegation of contracting authority by Chancellors is permitted for most contracts to designated and named university officials.  Individuals authorized to sign contracts are expected to have the necessary information and expertise to fully understand the implications of making such commitments.  In addition, persons with this authority are expected to perform appropriate due diligence activities to ensure that any attendant liabilities are identified and can be effectively managed.

Individuals listed on the 'Authorized Signers of Contracts for UW-Stevens Point' are official University authorized signers who have received delegated authority from the Chancellor or Department of Administration.  Requests to receive delegated signature authority from the Chancellor must be sent in writing to the Controller.

Anyone who is unsure as to his or her authority to sign contracts on behalf of the University should not sign a document until after consulting with the Controller or Vice Chancellor for Business Affairs.  It is critical that all document binding the university be properly signed by an individual with authority; a document that is signed outside of proper signature authority may not be legally binding.  An employee who signs an agreement without the authority to do so could be personally liable for any damages incurred as a result, because the individual acted outside the scope of his/her authority.

Types of Contracts

Any contract which intends to create a binding legal or financial obligation upon the University will require an official University signature to be a valid. The actual title of the document in question is not important, as a 'contract,' an 'agreement,' or a 'memorandum of understanding' each have the potential to legally obligate the University to undertake certain actions or pay certain amounts.  If there is any doubt whether a contract or other document might require an official University signature, contact the Controller or Vice Chancellor for Business Affairs.

Additional terms related to binding contracts: grant, memorandum of agreement, certification, release, lease, revenue royalty agreement.

Purchasing/Procurement Contracts

Unlike other contracts the University enters into, the campus authority to enter into procurement contracts derives from Section 16 of the Wisconsin Statutes, with delegation directly from the Department of Administration.  Contracts under which the University is to receive either goods or services must be sent to the Purchasing department for signature by the Purchasing Manager or a delegated Purchasing Agent.  If your department has a delegated Purchasing Agent, purchasing contracts may be sent to that Agent for negotiation, and review before being sent to the Purchasing Manager for signature.  If your department does not have a delegated Purchasing Agent, you should work with the central Purchasing office.

General Signatories/Limited Delegation and Contract Routing

The authority to sign all other contracts derives from delegation by the Board of Regents under Chapter 36 of the Wisconsin Statutes.  As listed on the 'Authorized Signers of Contracts for UW-Stevens Point' there are individuals listed who have authority to sign any contract for the University on behalf of the Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin System.  However, other University personnel have been granted limited authority to sign certain contracts within their area of expertise.

If you have a contract that falls within one of the categories listed, please route the contract to the signatory listed.  If the proper University signatory is unclear, contact the Controller for additional guidance.

Contracts Requiring Regent or UW System Approval

Regardless of designated signature authority, each of the following types of documents likely require approval by UW System or the Board of Regents prior to signature:

  • Any agreement for which the total actualized value may exceed $1,000,000;
    • NOTE: Agreements with total actualized value of greater than $500,000 but less than $1,000,000 must be reviewed by UW System Office of General Council prior to execution
  • Agreements that contemplate or commit establishment of an academic program which has not had prior Regent approval;
  • Agreements involving construction or modification of facilities that require UW System Capital Budget or State Building Commission approval;
  • Sales, trades, purchases, and gifts of real property, and leases which would permit a privately owned or operated facility to be constructed on state-owned land;
  • Grants from and contracts with private, profit-making organization and the cumulative amount of the agreement and its predecessor agreements is more than $500,000;
  • Any contracts with a value less than $500,000 if the President of the UW System determines that the contract warrants Board approval prior to execution.

See the list of authorized signers of contracts/documents for UWSP.

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