Biochemistry Major

This major is administered jointly by the Department of Biology and the Department of Chemistry.
Karin Bodensteiner, Chair, Department of Biology
Room 167A, Trainer Natural Resources Building
Phone: 715-346-2159

Paul Hladky, Chair, Department of Chemistry
Room D129, Science Building
Phone: 715-346-2888

Biochemistry is a major that combines the knowledge of biology and chemistry to explain life processes in terms of molecular structure and chemical reactions within living cells. This interdisciplinary major has a chemistry-based curriculum, coupled with a significant biology component. The role of a biochemist is to look for understanding of organismal diversity in the principles and concepts of chemistry and physics, as well as in the structure, mechanisms and chemical processes that are common to all organisms. The biochemistry major provides the student with a course of study that links biological sciences, like molecular biology and genetics, to physical sciences, like chemistry and physics. In addition, the biochemistry major combines the interdisciplinary foundation inherent to biochemistry with all the advantages of a liberal arts education.


If you are interested in the biochemistry major, then complete details about the curricula are available in the Student Handbook for the Department of Chemistry or in the course catalog. We also encourage you to read the notes under the chemistry and biology​ majors in the course catalog because all items in those sections also apply to the biochemistry Major.


The Department of Biology encourages you to graduate in four years. The College of Letters and Science Academic and Career Advising Center has developed a suggested sequence of courses designed to illustrate how a student could successfully complete the biochemistry major in 4 years.