Todd Huspeni, Ph.D.

Associate Vice Chancellor for Teaching, Learning, & Strategic Planning
Professor of Biology

Office: Main 0202C
Phone: (715) 346-4250


Ph.D., University of CA - Santa Barbra (2000)
M.S., University of CA - Santa Barbra (1997)
B.A., History and Biology - University of Minnesota (1990)



Bio 160 - Introduction to Animal Biology
Bio 362/562 - Animal Parasitology
Bio 490/690 - Seminar in Molecular Biology


Professional Affiliations

American Society of Parasitologists (ASP)
Australian Society of Parasitologists (Website)
American Malacological Union (Website)
Ecological Society of America (ESA)
Western Society of Naturalists (WSN)
The Helminthological Society of Washington (HELMSOC)​

Research Areas

I am principally interested in animal parasites as organisms that permeate all free-living communities. I am particularly interested in the applied question of how parasites can be used as indicators of condition in free-living communities, as well as questions which seek to elucidate the ways that parasites operate and function in ecosystem processes.​



2008 University Excellence in Teaching Award, UWSP
2008 Department of Biology Teaching Award, UWSP
2008 Department of Biology Service Award (with Dr. Jamee Hubbard), UWSP
2008 Department of Biology Pucci Faculty Award, UWSP
2006 Outstanding Faculty Mentor Nominee, UWSP



2009 Parasite infections and brood success in nestling Red-shouldered hawks (Buteo lineatus) in northeast Wisconsin (USA). (With King, J. C., Dubay, S. A., VanLanen, A. R., and R. W. Gerhold). In Revision for Journal of Parasitology. (10/20/09).
2008 Parasite and free-living biomass in three estuaries implications for ecosystem energetics. (With Kuris, A. M., Hechinger, R. F., Shaw, J. C., Whitney, K. W., Aguirre, L. M., Boch, C., Dobson, A. P., Dunham, E. D., Fredensborg, B. L., Lorda, J., Mababa, L., Mancini, F., Mora, A., Pickering, M., Talhouk, N., Torchin, M. E., and K. D. Lafferty). Nature 454: 515-518.
2007 Can parasites be indicators of free-living diversity? Relationships between species richness and the abundance of larval trematodes and of local benthos and fishes. (With Hechinger, R. F., Lafferty K. D., Brooks, A. and A. M. Kuris.) Oecologia 151:82-92.
2005 Differential parasitism of native and Introduced snails: replacement of a parasite fauna. (With Torchin, M. E., and Byers, J. E.). Biological Invasions 7:885-894.
2005 Ecology of the introduced ribbed mussel (Geukensia demissa) in Estero de Punta Banda, Mexico: interactions with the native cord grass, Spartina foliosa. (With Torchin, M. E., Hechinger, R. F., Whitney, K. and K. D. Lafferty). Biological Invasions 7:607-614.
2005 Trematode parasites as estuarine indicators: Opportunities, applications and comparisons with conventional community approaches. In Estuarine Indicators. (With Hechinger, R. F. and K. D. Lafferty.) Pp. 297-314. Edited by S. Bortone. CRC Press. Boca Raton, FL.

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