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Monoprint 2015: A Gathering of Artists promises to be an exciting event this year and hopes to build on the wonderful success from our previous events.

In 2013 we had 13 artists from around the world come to UWSP to make prints, work with our students, educate the Midwest community about printmaking and help raise money for the printmaking area of the Department of Art & Design.

For 2015 we have assembled a new group of artists that will bring with them a wide range of national and international experience and diverse forms of image making. 

Meet the Artists...

templeton_face.png templeton_art.png

Tracy Templeton
Bloomington, IN

Canadian born Tracy Templeton was raised in southern Saskatchewan on a small grain farm. Much of her early work chronicled the abandoned rural homesteads that characterize the prairie. Templeton’s recent images investigate the tension between identity and otherness as well as the interconnectedness of original experience versus augmentation of experience through memory. 

Templeton became the Head of Printmaking at Indiana University in 2013. Previously, she taught at Southern Oregon University, Illinois State University, the University of Regina, and the University of Alberta. Her work has been widely exhibited across the United States and throughout the world, including more than 100 exhibitions in Canada, Mexico, England, France, Germany, Italy, Turkey, Egypt, China, Bulgaria, Poland, Russia, Japan, Malaysia, and South Korea. Templeton has won Honorary Mention at the Seoul Print Biennial and third place in the Great Canadian Printmaking Competition as well as being awarded numerous artist grants.

Specializing in photographic etching, she has lectured extensively at such institutions as Warsaw Academy of Art in Poland; Anchor Graphics, Chicago; Black Hills State University, South Dakota; and Kansas City Art Institute. Templeton earned her MFA from the University of Alberta and her BFA from the University of Regina. Her prints appear in approximately fifty different collections worldwide.

ganther_face.png ganther_art.png

Shawn Ganther

Shawn Ganther (born July 19, 1977) is an American contemporary painter and printmaker who emerged during the veteran artist movement.   He served in the United States Air Force from 1998 to 2003 and was involved in Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Northern Watch.  Shawn is best known for his piece “The Thinker,” a 22”X30” charcoal drawing on paper. “The Thinker” was featured in the Veteran Artist Program Exhibit in the Pentagon from 2013-2014.  Shawn’s work has been shown across the country and is include in numerous private collections including Harvard University Art Library, Cornell University, Stanford University Libraries, and the Yale University Art Library.  His work can also bee seen in the 2014 anthology Warrior Writers: A Collection of Writing & Artwork by Veterans.

Shawn graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point in 2012 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Media Production and Studio Art.  Since graduation, he has been an advocate for art therapy and self-expression as a means to treat PTSD.

ritchie_face.png ritchie_art.png

Mark Ritchie
Laramie, Wyoming

Drawing and printmaking are companions in my work.  I respect each for their unique qualities and processes and enjoy their similarities.  One often informs the other in my studio.  In recent lithographic prints, images are developed both in the field and continued in the studio.  Waxed papers and marks made on both sides of paper build the image and color is both hand tinted and worked on the stones and plates prior to printing.  The woodcuts begin as drawings on panels and the cutting and printing continue the decisions of mark making and placement of printed marks within compositions. The printmaking matrix becomes a vehicle for multiple unique solutions and several plates often contribute to a single image. 

The horse is both feral and domestic and interaction within communities of horses and between horses and humans is about establishing and communicating boundaries; respecting space.  The horse in this work is both a personal narrative and a powerful metaphor that explores the thin line between wild and domestic.


Qian Zhao
Guangzhou, China​

My name is Qian Zhao ( chin jow ), but I am called “Chino”.  I am in the United States as a recipient of a China Scholarship Council Fellowship and the University of Wyoming is acting as my host institution.  During my time in the United States I am learning more about the American education system, improving my English and working in the studio and making work in response to my experiences.  

At home in Guangzhou, China I am a faculty at the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Art where I teach printmaking.  I received my BA degree from Guangzhou Academy of Fine Art and was awarded the MA degree from Central Academy of Fine Art in Beijing.  My current studio work is primarily with printmaking and painting and I have exhibited at venues throughout China and abroad.  Recently, I have opened an exhibition gallery, Huangpu Artspace, with two other Chinese artists.  Exhibitions focus on artist prints.  Being engaged with other artists as a galley owner, as a teacher and as a fellow artist in the studio are all related activities for me. 

I am enjoying living and working in Laramie, Wyoming, but look forward to experiencing other institutions and communities in the State and throughout the region and U.S.

thielking_face.png thielking_art.png

Kristin Thielking
Stevens Point, WI

Thielking is from Long Island, NY and received a BA in Fine Art and Comparative Literature from Brown University, RI and an MFA in Sculpture from University of Wisconsin, Madison. She has taught sculpture at the University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point since 2001. She exhibits her work widely and has participated in artist-in-residence programs such as the John Michael Kohler Arts/Industry program, WI and the Vermont Studio Center.  She has been very involved in creating and facilitating public art projects, permanent and temporary site-specific installations, and design commissions with her partner Keven Brunett with whom she has worked for over 15 years. 

Thielking explores in her work the tensions that result from unexpected conjoining of contradictory ideas, opposing forms, and unlike materials. She uses these intersections to facilitate explorations of identity, conflict, and the struggle to evolve. She uses materials such as, like paper and iron, glass and steel, a poem and lead crystal and the visceral nature of the materials to emphasize the physicality of both the forms and the ideas. Language often functions in her work as a physical material as well as a conceptual bridge.​

robinson_face.png robinson_art.png

Jenny Robinson

San Franscisco, CA

My Studio in San Francisco is based in an area of post-industrial decline, populated by architecture that is on the periphery of people’s vision, hidden either by design or by obsolescence, abandoned and forgotten. My work has always been informed by my immediate environment. Where I live, work and go has a direct impact on the subject matter I am drawn to.

After moving from London to San Francisco in 2001 I became fascinated by structures displaying a sense of strength and energy, but that were ignored and threatened by the passage of time, resulting in ultimate defeat by corrosion and decay. My work is concerned with depicting how these giant structures appear, not through a sense of romantic yearning for the past, but by responding to location and documenting how they appear to me, now and in the moment.

As an artist who works primarily on paper, Printmaking is the perfect vehicle for me to explore these themes of atmosphere and corrosion. The Monoprint process enables me to create images that are clotted and heavy with dark ink. I use deeply saturated colors and textures not only to reveal the surfaces of the structures but also to infect the emptiness around them.

The physical nature of, and energy involved in making large format Monoprints imbues the work with the frank monumentality of its subject matter. Each step of the process, from drawing the image onto the plate, scouring and gouging, inking, and finally wiping the surface for printing, suffuses the final print with a textural, tactile, physical quality difficult to achieve in other media, creating the perfect balance of color, texture and line.

Drawing is a crucial and integral part of my practice, and I always carry a sketchbook, making quick pen and ink sketches or swift watercolor studies of my subject matter. This direct engagement enables me to emphasize the essence of the moment both physically and intellectually. Making use of the sketches when I make my prints allows me to stay true to that initial response - the gut feeling I experienced when I made my initial drawings. Only in that way can I hope to stay true to the emotional reaction of that specific time and place.

kaur_face.png kaur_art.png

Ina Kaur
New Delhi, India

Ina Kaur is a multi media artist, printmaker who is a native of New Delhi, India. In her studio research she combines various processes including printmaking, drawings, and installations that has been showcased in numerous national and international exhibitions across the US and India, and in countries including Argentina, China, Finland, Hungary, Japan, Korea, the Netherlands, Scotland, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, and Turkey. Kaur has been a recipient of numerous Travel Grants for Professional Development, Residencies & Excellence Awards.

Kaur’s research investigates how identities are defined and influenced by history, society and the culture of our immediate surrounding. I feel the need to understand, identify and connect with my inner and outside world. My works abstractly express nuances and essence of our being or existence from microscopic and macroscopic lens. My intention is to engage in the tactile and tedious process and bring ‘something’ to light/life. I primary form of expression is circle, which allows me to express simplistic as well as complex ideas. Circle for me acts as a point of nothingness, along with encompassing everything I come in contact with. With the help of circles and using print medium I am drawing, engraving and reveling all the mysteries within my mind.​

erickson_face.png erickson_art.png

Bob Erickson
Stevens Point, WI

Bob Erickson is an Artist/Professor of Art at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, Stevens Point, Wisconsin. His work has been exhibited extensively across the United States and abroad. He is a former president of the Mid America Print Council, curator of numerous exhibitions and presenter at many national printmaking conferences. He is currently developing a series of works on paper, including large digital prints and drawings, for a solo exhibition at the Gail Art Museum (April 2015) in Gapyeoung, South Korea

rubin_face.png rubin_art.png

Andrew Rubin
Madison, WI

Andy has been Master Printer at Tandem Press  (UW-Madison) since 1988, after arriving from Los Angeles where he printed at Gemini G.E.L. Before that he received his MFA from Arizona State University and his BFA at the Center for Creative Studies-School of Art and Design in Detroit, Michigan. Andy has also taught Printmaking at the University of Tennessee-Knoxville and the University of Southern California in Los Angeles.

In 2009 I started a body of work inspired by 50’s abstraction and modern Frank Gehry style architecture. Their whimsical line, cubist shapes and color sensibilities, combined with imaginative and fantastic architecture, have become landscapes for my imagination.

stolzer_face.png stolzer_art.png

Rob Stolzer
Stevens Point, WI

Rob Stolzer received his BFA from the Mason Gross School of Art at Rutger's University in 1985, and his MFA from the Tyler School of Art at Temple University in 1989. From 1985 to 1987, Rob took part in the two-year artist residency at the Core Program, part of The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, in Houston, Texas. He attended the IWCAT (International Workshop of Ceramic Art in Tokoname) Summer-long residency in Tokoname, Japan, right before the start of grad school. In January 2001 and October 2008, Rob was in residence at the Vermont Studio Center, in Johnson, Vermont. He has also received one Wisconsin Arts Board grant for a series of paintings.

Rob began teaching art in 1986. He taught drawing and illustration courses at The Glassell School of Art in Houston, Moore College of Art & Design in Philadelphia, Rutger's University in New Jersey, and the Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia. Rob joined the faculty at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point in 1990, and has taught painting, illustration and various levels of drawing. He has chaired the Department of Art & Design at UWSP for seven years.

From 1985 to approximately 1996, Rob worked as a free-lance illustrator, with illustrations appearing in The Progressive, The Chronicle of Higher Education, The New York Times Book Review and Houston City Magazine. Over the past few years, he has concentrated on his studio painting, still life drawings and on-site landscape drawings.

pino_face.pngpino_art copy.png

Yvette Pino
Madison, WI

As a BFA Recipient at the University of Wisconsin, Madison and US Army veteran, Yvette M. Pino founded the Veteran Print Project. While combining her management skills learned as a non-commissioned officer with her artistic experience she has found her passion in working with prints, people and the stories they tell. Following the success of VPP, Ms. Pino created Bench Press Events as a way to continue the re-investigation of the historical portrait. Rather than focusing solely on veteran stories, Bench Press Events examines the stories of everyday people who help organizations thrive in our communities. Her work may be found at

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