Refund/Credit Balances

Credit Balance Refunds

A credit balance is created when you over pay your student account or some action results in an overpayment. This type of overpayment can't be processed via direct deposit. These types of refunds must be processed through the Accounts Receivable office. The Accounts Receivable office does not automatically process refunds during the four week drop/add period at the start of each semester.  Before any credit balance is refunded, your student status must be reviewed. If you drop classes or withdraw from UWSP, after receiving grants or loans, the financial aid awarded/paid to you may need to be adjusted. The Financial Aid office will review any financial aid paid to you and complete any adjustment before the A/R office can process your refund. Refund checks are mailed to your local address if you are currently registered, or to your home address if you are no longer attending UWSP. Refund checks are mailed 7-10 working days from the date they are processed by the Accounts Receivable Office. Refunds from withdrawals may take up to 30 days processing time.

Matriculation Fee Refund Policy

  • Cancellation from UWSP would result in cancellation of your matriculation fee.
  • Withdrawal from UWSP resulting in a reduction of tuition will have the matriculation fee canceled.
  • Withdrawal from UWSP with no reduction of tuition, the full matriculation fee will be charged.
  • Withdrawals which have the 20% non-attendance rule applied will have the matriculation fee canceled.

Matriculation fee information:

Financial Aid Refunds

Financial Aid refund checks for credit balances will begin being mailed in late January.  Be sure to keep your address current in accesSPoint. Direct deposit is currently under construction.  Please watch for updates to sign up for direct deposit in accesSPoint.  

All approved financial aid is processed through the Bursar's Office. Electronic financial aid payments are processed Monday through Friday. Funds are applied on the student's University account, and refund checks are mailed directly to the student's local address. All balances must be paid in full before a refund check can be issued.

Students are responsible for keeping address information current.  Change Your Address online or contact the Enrollment Services Center to request an address change.

Grant permission for non tuition charges to be paid by Financial Aid. 

    • Sign into your student account through accesSPoint
    • Go to your Financial Account tile
    • Choose the Financial Aid Pay Permission menu option
    • Click on the Account Services tab
    • Click on the Grant Permissions button
    • Read and Submit your approval.

If you have questions regarding your financial aid status, please contact the Financial Aid Office, (715)-346-4771. Your University account information can be viewed at accesSPoint.