UWSP Credit Agreement-NEW

Please complete the online UWSP Credit Agreement.  You will be required to log in using your UWSP User ID and Password in accesSPoint.  This is to verify your electronic signature. 


Please see the directions to access your online credit agreement.  View a copy of the agreement here. 

Read and complete the UWSP Credit Agreement.  Clicking the "I Accept" button will electronically sign our agreement confirming your acceptance of the UWSP Credit Agreement.  All students will be required to sign the new online UWSP Credit Agreement, even if you have already signed our prior paper agreement before.    Please complete the agreement to prevent delay in registration.  Completion of the UWSP Credit agreement will be required annually.



Installment Payment Plan

UWSP offers an Installment Payment Plan, during Summer, Fall and Spring semesters, which provides for payments to be made in two equal installments, following the initial $100.00 registration deposit.  The charges which may be included are academic and segregated fees, room, board, special course fees and miscellaneous charges.


Under the installment payment plan, charges will be billed as follows:

(Summer 2017 dates are tentative)


Bill # Fall E-mailed Payment Due Date % of bill Due
1 08/18/2016 09/09/2016 none*
2 09/15/2016 10/06/2016 50%
3 10/13/2016 11/03/2016 100%
 4 11/10/2016  12/02/2016 100%
Bill # Spring E-mailed Payment Due Date % of bill Due
1 01/10/2017 01/31/2017 none*
2 02/02/2017 02/23/2017 50%
3 03/02/2017 03/30/2017 100%
4 04/28/2017 05/18/2017 100%
Bill # Summer E-mailed Payment Due Date % of bill Due
1 05/18/2017 06/09/2017 none*
2 06/15/2017 07/12/2017 50%
3 07/17/2017 8/11/2017 100%

 *Full payment for the current semester must be paid by this date to avoid finance charges.


UWSP students may elect to use the Installment Payment Plan.  The plan allows students to make payments in two installments later in the semester.  defers portions of the fees to be paid later in the term.  Being on the Installment Payment Plan does not imply that a student can withdraw from UWSP and thereby be excused from the remaining payments for the semester.  Any student that fails to withdraw from UWSP properly will be responsible for all charges.  No transcripts shall be issued or diplomas mailed until all delinquent fees are paid.  Finance charges are assessed on the unpaid balance of the student’s account until financial aid or other funds are applied.